35. Teenage Distress

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Letizia was sitting next to Azurine McNamara at lunch time in a desolated part of the cafeteria. Letizia had told Azurine everything since she trusted her enough. Azurine and Alton McNamara used to go the same school as her in Italy for a while and Azurine was the only one she felt like telling about her suffering since Azurine was a good loyal secret keeper friend for her. She had to tell someone to make her less on edge, not that it was helping that much. She was shaken up still. She had never felt threatened so bad in her life. Those boys were going to carry her to their common room where no one was going to hear her calls for help and would have done anything they wanted with her. She owed so much to Vienna for unknowingly saving her. She wished she could say thank you to her but of course she wasn't allowed to since Tristan had made it clear she wasn't to be told. If she found out, Tristan would have had an excuse to come and hunt her down for it. Even though Vincenzo could most likely help protect her in school, he couldn't be with her 24/7 and off site of school. But even if Vincenzo guarded her with all he had, Tristan was going to keep striking using his own resources until he succeeded. No one could guarantee her safety against a dangerous enemy like Tristan. So she really didn't have the means to take the risk messing with Tristan.

Azurine took a bite of her chips "Hm, I really think you should not stress too much. Its over now. Vincenzo wont let you get hurt by anyone in this place. Everyone is afraid of him. Its just Tristan you need to keep away from. That is all..."

Letizia sighed "It is easy for you to say. I was the one who almost was going to be at Tristan's mercy..." She then took a bite from her burger.

Azurine spoke "Is it really bothering you so much? Damn. Nothing happened to you though. I think you should tell Vincenzo if you got really scared. If he finds out Tristan has traumatised you he would declare war right this minute. He had no excuse to start a war. Nothing had happened to you technically so he had no reason to give to his circle of hench men to go after Tristan's people. But if you tell him how upset you are he would go crazy."

Letizia shook her head " I am fine... I am not traumatised. Its just ... I am so stressed...."

Azurine shrugged "I guess if you are like Vanessa you will recover and forget after about a week...."

Letizia gasped "Did they hurt her too? What did they do to her?"

Azurine shook her head "Basically she had a similar encounter like you with the boys. She had upset a couple of them. I don't know which ones... Maybe Sebastiano, Tristan's cousin was one of them who had complained about her disrespectfulness. Well, they took her to that common room and then they gave her a verdict..."

Letizia covered her mouth "Oh no... What did they do to her?"

Azurine spoke "Well, nothing. I mean her verdict was guilty but just like how you were saved, she was saved too. She was saved by her cousin Alexander who offered to take her punishment for her. Georgio and Georgina Canavaro are siblings as you know ... So yes. Its good to have relatives amongst the boys... Alexander begged and begged until they budged to let Vanessa go and punish him instead. I doubt Alton would offer to take my punishment for me if I ever get into trouble with the boys. I know he wont so I would never go against the boys but I would be hostile to them within the rules. I wont show them any favouritism and wont do any favours for them as the Drama production director but would never break their rules..."

Letizia was afraid of asking the next question but she had to ask... She was curious... "So what did they do to Alexander?"

Azurine stated "Oh, I don't know. Only the boys know. You remember when Tristan asked you what were your last words and you wasted it .... well, Alexander told them he would want Vanessa out of the room and he doesn't want her to know about what they do to him. So they couldn't tell any girls what happened since we would have told her and that would have broken the honour of the last words. So yes, no body knows."

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