99. A dance & SleepOver (Part 3)

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Clarisa was sitting behind her desk waiting in silence for Vincenzo to finish explaining. She was totally in awe of how much he knew. Vincenzo was way too advanced. He was in lecture mode. He was towering over the other side of the desk connecting wires on a circuit board as he was working with the wires and telling Clarisa how the gadget that he had designed in the last fifteen minutes worked.

Vincenzo looked up as he was working "Whats the matter Terza? You look like you would rather be anywhere but here..."

Clarisa shook her head "Thats not true... I need you for this impossible project so I can get a day pass in Princeton. If I dont, my mother will be angry..."

Vincenzo frowned and stopped working "No she won't be angry because you will win with or without my help... What you have made yourself is brilliant but its best to have some back up too... I just gave you a boost to stand out... Why not enter more gadgets when you can? You never know.. The Blake kid may decide to enter this contest too so you have to have some back up..."

Clarisa replied " Princeton doesnt offer what Edward wants to study so he wont enter this contest... He has a college place anyways... I wish I was a genius too like him. He is so clever..."

Vincenzo laughed "Terza... Dont let your big brother hear what you just said... The kid won't see his next birthday at this rate... " He then laughed harder shaking his head as he got on with testing parts of the circuit "Terza, tell me this honestly... You dont fancy the Blake kid.. Do you?" His tone was serious now as he looked up.

Clarisa gasped "No... Why would I? I hate all boys at our school... Teenage boys are disgusting and immature creatures... I cant wait to go to college to find some descent normal humans."

Vincenzo raised an eyebrow "Do you find me disgusting?"

Clarisa sighed "You are cringeworthy.... But dont sabotage my work for saying this.. I know how you made people's circuits explode in the other contest and made them disqualified just because they looked at you funny..."

Vincenzo gave her a mischoivous smile "Dont give me ideas ... Dont tempt me to explode your stuff... I am capable but ... Do you think I would do that to you? Dont you trust me? This wolf is not hungry at the moment to eat you up. So relax little red..." He then laughed at his own joke.

Clarisa objected "Stop making fun of me and dont call me that...It freaks me out..."

Vincenzo spoke "I dont make fun of you...You dont like my new nickname for you?.. Little red..."

Clarisa gasped "You are unbelievable and outrageous... I wish I didnt desperately need your help..."

Vincenzo looked at Clarisa and retorted " We all wish for different things.. But wishes dont always come true... You are lucky I think of you as a friend and not a foe. Otherwise I wouldn't have helped you at all..."

Clarissa spoke "I wish you werent so smart and you werent such a genius in engineering. It's ridiculous how gifted and talented you are ..."

Vicnenzo rasied an eyebrow and stopped working "Woah. Did you just pay me a compliment Terza? You think I am smart? For that.. I will add a bonus feature to this circuit now to help your case... I think you are smart too... I like that about you... Other girls hate engineering... But you like it.. Like me..."

Clarisa hesitated to answer and then after second past when she spent in silence, she asked "Can you answer me honestly Vincenzo? Why do you help me? For my brother?"

Vincenzo replied "No. I help you because I like you little red... You were the only girl who came to my Physics lecture and my engineering workshops last month.... We have some comon grounds.. We are both engineers ... You and I are not very different." He then winked and got on with his work.

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