104. Watching Her

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Clarisa didn't expect to see her father and brothers so soon. She was relieved they were back for a short visit. Her father had returned with her brothers just for one night for a surprise check up. Of course they were leaving the next morning. The return wasn't planned. They had reasons to return for business and on their way had dropped by to check up on family but of course the next day they were going to be flying back to Italy.

The surprise visit had coincided with Clarissa's mother's charity dinner party. A lot of elites in business had attended alongside Hollywood actresses and designers. Clarisa wondered if this was a coincidence that her mother had held a peaceful party on the same day her father and brothers returned. Probably not. It was a front so enemies didn't suspect that her father was back in town so her father could use the element of surprise with his allies.

Clarissa was happy to see her father and brothers for that night before they went back to Italy again. She was making the most of it but of course their allies had come to the party too,... The wild wolf was there too with his family because his mother, Adele Rosario loved charity dinners. Clarisa didn't mind his presence there. She really didn't but she could feel his eyes on her that was starting to get her irritated. What did he want from her? She had tried going to different sections of the room where guests were busy drinking and talking. But of course the alpha wolf didn't take his eyes off her for some reason.

Clarisa tried hard to avoid him. Then it occurred to her that maybe he was going to go away if she kept herself busy. Maybe he wasn't focused on her and it was coincidence he was following her. She walked to the refreshment table and suggested to the lady working there " Hey. Why don't you take a quick ten minute break? I can help. It's ok... I am abit ... bored... I like to stand here for a while..."

The lady didn't dare dispute her. She had no intention of arguing with Sancia Giovanni's daughter so she nodded " Yes maa'm. Thank you. I will be back after ten minutes... But are you sure maa'm?"

Clarisa noticed her hesitation and worried sudden look " Don't worry. My mother won't get mad..."

The lady smiled nervously and spoke " Yes maa'm." She then respectfully bowed and walked away.

Clarisa started looking at the refreshments at the stand. She started making some fruit cocktails. She then looked up hoping that Vincenzo wasn't around and to her relief he was no where in sight. He had gone away thankfully. She took a deep breath as she saw no sign of him when she looked around. So maybe he was not watching her... Maybe she hadn't caught his attention. No one wanted to be the subject of attention of Vincenzo. He was enemy from hell. If you crossed him, he was going to watch you like a hawk and play games with you. Maybe if he felt like it he was going to put you out of your misery at once and was going to come at you directly. Vincenzo was in many ways like Tristan. But despite that fact, Clarisa did not know what to expect and was wary of Vincenzo. Even her own brother who was the master of everything, was wary of Vincenzo which told her a lot.

As Clarisa was making fruit cocktails she heard the beast from behind her " Hey there little red."

Clarisa was shocked. She turned around and found herself face to face with Vincenzo. She put her hand on her heart " I did not expect to see you behind me... You shouldn't sneak up on me like this again."

Vincenzo gave her a confident smile " And what if I sneak up on you? What would happen?"

Clarisa sighed " You boys never get it. Do you?" She then turned around and carried on with making fruit cocktails as she explained " What if you sneak up on me? Let me think.... I might sneak up on you too Vincenzo when you least expect it... You will be sleeping upstairs in a hotel room owned by my mother tonight so watch out. This is a Giovanni hotel... Do you think you have the upper hand tonight?"

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