44. Confessions (Part 1)

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Vienna looked at Tristan and bit her lip panicking on the inside. This didn't look good at all.

Tristan repeated in a harder tone " Well? Tell me... Why were you hiding?"

Vienna gulped " I was tying my shoe laces..."

Tristan narrowed his eyes but didn't say anything back. He turned around and addressed his friends who were still at the door as he walked towards them " You are dismissed to go to lunch. I will see you in the common room. We will get Edward later."

As Tristan's group nodded and walked away, he got to the door and slammed it shut soundly startling Vienna. He turned around "Vienna... We need to talk... Do you mind staying back a few minutes?" He leaned to the door and silently stared her down as she was frozen in the spot.

Tristan obviously wanted to talk but she didn't want to say anything. Viggo had warned her to not make things worse by mentioning Edward to Tristan. She had no intention of ignoring her brother's advice. She was just hoping Viggo and Vincenzo did something and saved her somehow. She wanted to say no, but she knew if Tristan wanted to talk to her, he would have found a way to get her to talk to him. He was quite persuasive and always got his way. She knew she couldn't avoid him.

So Vienna nodded "Sure.... What do you want to talk about?" Vienna then told herself "No matter what happens.... Try to not say too much.,,. Don't say anything about Edward.... You will just make things worse... Wait for Viggo and Vincenzo to do something."

Tristan nodded "Good... It wont take long " He then stated in a low threatening tone " Vienna.... I am going to ask you one more time.... Why were you hiding? ... Tell the truth. Either way I will find out. I will get it out of Edward either way..."

Vienna looked away not able to meet his eyes who were observing her closely " I wasn't hiding.... I was tying my shoe laces..."

Tristan stated " Alright.... What happened before that?"

Vienna gasped and looked up " What do you mean? I had a lesson. The teacher didn't come We had cover work...."

Tristan narrowed his eyes and took a step away from the door towards her and Vienna took a step back. He then took more steps towards her and she matched his steps by stepping backwards....

Tristan stated "I meant, what happened with Edward."

Vienna shook her head "Nothing."

Tristan stated "Nothing? Then, why was Edward running? Tell me Vienna...."

Tristan's stare became quite terrifying for Vienna to endure. He was focused on her... She gulped and looked away...

Tristan spoke in a harder tone staring intensely at her "Tell me Vienna... Did he touch you again? I need to know.... Just tell me if he has..."

Vienna sighed as she was looking away " No..." He was angry but his rage was not directed at her. She could tell. He was mad at Edward and saw him as a threat.

Vienna was not daring to look up into his eyes. Her back suddenly hit the wall after she had taken many steps backwards. Then she felt him close. His closeness was making her lose her breath. She tried to look up but managed to only look forward which meant facing his hard chest in front of her that she just wanted to run her hands over.... She then shook off her thoughts... She just told herself "What is wrong with you? Now is not the time." It was unbelievable that she was finding him irresistible in this situation.

Tristan demanded " Vienna, look at me."

Vienna wanted to avoid his gaze. She was feeling nervous. But she had to have this talk with him and look him in the eye, telling him the truth. There was no way of avoiding it. Her heart was racing at how he made her feel when he was so close to her in an empty room... She felt strange feelings she didn't feel with anyone before. She thought back to Tristan once complaining to her about why she didn't mind being alone with someone like Edward in the science lab or hanging out with boys in the library but she didn't want to be alone with him. He was right. He made her feel fearful. He made her feel nervous.... He was not just any boy. He was Tristan O'Neil, who had a reputation of being brutal and unforgiving. Could he blame her for not wanting to be alone with him? Other boys were safe at that school at least... But he was dangerous.... He was Vincenzo's match.... He feared nothing and no one.... But she couldn't deny that he was gentle to her. He was trust worthy. He was honourable enough that Viggo and Vincenzo believed he would never hurt her.... So she convinced herself to look up. She gathered her courage and looked up slowly and swallowed hard at their closeness and meeting his judging eyes.

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