129. The Prom (Part 8)

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Vincenzo was now satisfied with how Juliano was dealt with. He watched him walk to Tiziana and apologise publicly to her in the room where the girls were waiting. Tiziana seemed fine and not upset. She had given her first kiss to Scorpious so Juliano hadn't taken away something that was too precious to her. Tiziana was a tough girl. No Luciano could defeat her even though he had tried really hard to do so. He had dared threaten her in broad day light but part of him wished Juliano got rid off Scorpious and then Tiziana rejected him. He found no one worthy of Tiziana really.

Vincenzo thought of going for a walk while he was waiting for his father to show up at the O'Neil hotel's office. They had just called him now. His uncle Antonio and Emanuelle O'Neil had a meeting with the Andovinis separately and now that everything was resolved, Emanuelle O'Neil had called his father. Announcments came that they were now allowed to go outside to the front grounds to take photos. Vincenzo walked outside deciding to walk around waiting for his father's car to arrive. The front grounds were so beautiful. Vincenzo smiled at the candy floss makers around the grounds near the marquee where people were taking pictures. Live music was playing too. Candy floss was Terza's favourite snack so Emanuelle O'Neil had made sure there was candy floss at the party beside the food and drinks taken around in trays by servents.

Vincezno frowned as he didnt see her around. He decided to go find her and get a pink candy floss which was her favourite. He got a blue one for himself and a pink one for her. As he was walking around eating his candy floss he heard sounds from one of the rooms. The sound of piano. A terrible sound. The piano was way out of tune. He looked through the windows and saw terza. She was on the piano trying to tune it unsuccessfully. He shook his head smiling as he was eating wathcing terza in amusement doing it all wrong on the piano. He slowly jumped through the window and landed inside the room. She didnt notice his arrival. He slowly ate his candy floss and as he almost finished it Terza turned around.

Terza was shocked to see him. She put her hand on her hand "Oh dear Lord... What are you doing here?"

Vincenzo shrugged "I brought you a candy floss. They run out of pink ones always."

Terza was looking at him with her mouth open. What was it with him. Hours ago he was on a war path after his brother was caught with an Andovini. Now he was different. That was what didnt add up with him. Even when he was not in a good mood, he was gentle. He was always treating her as gently and respectfully. Of course playfulness and sarcasm was there. His jokes never ceased but she couldnt complain. She was sarcastic with him too. That was how you could keep yourself from confrontations with him at times.

Clarisa walked to him "Thank you... But I didnt think you will be eating candy floss too. I thought you would have soda again..."

Vincenzo handed the candy floss to her and walked to the bin. He discarded the candy floss stick in the bin since he had finished eating and then turned around "Well... How can I not like candy floss? Its as close as I get to you... I know you are planning to leave. So I should make the most of it..." His expression hardened as he stared at her making her swallow hard the candy floss that was melting in her mouth.

Vincenzo stood in front of her "Tristan told me you are going to apply for a transfer... He didnt tell me how long for..."

Clarisa sighed "Do you really need to answer this question? Really Vincenzo? When do you think I am coming back? Take a guess?..."

Vincenzo replied "You are coming back when Letizia and I break up... Right?"

Clarisa stated " I wouldnt put it that way.... Letizia transferred to ours school. Someone could take her place as guest so I volunteered. I go to Italy. When she returns to Italy, I will come back to America..."

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