10. Tough Love

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Letizia couldn't believe the nerve Vincenzo had. He still had her pinned down on the ground looking at her with a dark smile.

It didn't help Letizia that she was not feeling well because the presence of the dogs were getting to her. She was now shaking more visibly. She breathed " Call the dogs off. Do it."

Vincenzo whispered " You are afraid of these lovely creatures. That's cute. You know this teaches you not to raise your hand on me."

Letizia spoke in a shaky voice as tremors were going across her body and her body felt cold " Call them off. They are not lovely creatures. I can tell killer dogs when I see them. They are dangerous."

Vincenzo demanded " Ask me nicely and I might think about it."

Letizia spoke " Please call off the dogs.... I will get you back for this you know."

Vincenzo raised an eyebrow and laughed menacingly " If you were any one else, I would have called the dogs on you and would have let them do what they wanted with you right after you dared kick me and raised your hand on me. I have been very nice to you. What do I get? An ungrateful tone... Again you missed the point. I said, ask me nicely.... I meant for you to kiss me. A kiss from you can be a replacement for please, sorry and thank you."

Letizia spoke with disbelief as she was pinned down " You are so conceited."

Vincenzo spoke " Tsk Tsk. As you resist, my price may go up. Kiss me and I might try to forget your insults and wouldn't take any revenge on you when I see you in school from now on."

Letizia gritted her teeth " Let me go. I don't owe you anything. You need to learn some manners. You also need to learn how to talk to girls."

Vincenzo leaned closer to her as his lips were inches from hers " I have you pinned down to the ground. I can do what I want with you. I can even kiss you if I want. So don't act like you have the upper hand. You are the one beneath me. You would have to give me your first kiss which I want."

Letizia spoke as she was struggling to get out of his grip as her wrists were starting to feel numb " If you force your kisses on me that means you give me your first kiss and take away mine. But it doesn't mean I have given you my first kiss. So dream on, I would not give you my first kiss. You may take it but I would only give it to someone who treats me with respect."

Vincenzo was looking taken back. He spoke in a low tone " You must give me a kiss or I will leave you here alone with my dogs. They may not be as friendly as now  if I instruct them differently."

Letizia spoke "Why are you like this. Your sister is normal. Why aren't you like her?"

Vincenzo sighed " We don't seem like we are related. She is raised by my mother. My brother and I are raised strictly by our father."

She was pale now and slightly shaking as her phobia of dogs was over coming her " Set the dogs on me then..... Show your true colours..."

Vincenzo laughed darkly " Are you sure about this? I give you ten more seconds. Kiss me or I would leave you here until your father sends search parties for you. If you don't move they won't attack .... unless I tell them to."

Vincenzo started counting " 1...2...."

Letizia spoke " Do it."

Vincenzo spoke as his lips were inches apart from her lips " Do you really prefer to spend time with my dogs rather that with me?"

Letizia spoke " Is that a trick question? Haven't you heard yourself talk? You are so offensive and rude."

Vincenzo spoke " You are so ungrateful. You know that. I should have let my dogs attack you." Vincenzo then slowly got off her.

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