24. Standing Out From The Rest

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It was lunch time and students were scattering around the school. The food hall we at its busiest because it was quite a hot day and students wanted to purchase cold drinks and ice cream even if they had their own packed lunches.

Viggo was standing in a corner drinking his soda as he was watching Trent and Angelia choosing drinks from one of the counters. He was waiting for Stefano to buy his food so they could go outside to sit under the sun to eat that day. It was a nice day afterall so most boys were sitting outdoors. But it was just his luck that he had to endure watching Trent flirting with Angelia. It was hard to put up with the nonsense. He then watched them walk towards the exit of the canteen. Just then Stefano came " Sorry for the wait. Today I was in a rush and didn't manage to make my own packed lunch."

Viggo muttered " I have my lunch in my bag. I told you we could share."

Viggo then walked towards the exit following Trent and Angelia without another word. As Stefano had his tray in his hand, he walked behind him "What is the matter?" He then looked in the forward direction and he sighed " Don't tell me your mind is on her. Either man up and ask her out or stop dreaming about her.

Viggo spoke " I am not in any rush but Trent is. I can't ask her out. Not yet but I don't want Trent to keep flirting with her like this. This is new. It seems like he wants to take their friendship to a new level."

Viggo sat down on a bench and Stefano sat opposite him with the tray.

Stefano offered " Do you want to try this lasagne?"

Viggo shook his head " No..."

Suddenly Alexander Rosario, son of Viggo's uncle Antonio walked to Viggo's table and blocked his view of Angelia. Viggo frowned as he approached " What's up Alex? You are looking for Vincenzo ?"

Alexander towered over his table and breathed "No." He then took some fries from Stefano's tray making him look up at his cousin.

Stefano spoke "Yeah. What do you want Alex. Is everything alright?"

Alexander spoke as he looked at Viggo " The last period is the time slot for the drama production casting. The personal study time is cancelled. Azurine asked for it of course. Just wanted to ask you to have our back today."

Viggo spoke " You too? I thought it was just Sebastiano who was obsessed. Why do you guys care so much for this production?"

Alexander spoke " Because performing arts and sports are the focus of some colleges that I apply to. I want to get in all with my own effort and don't want my father to have to get his contacts to get me in. I have to have a drama production on my transcript at graduation and next year is busy."

Viggo spoke " I will try but Azurine doesn't listen to others. She is hard to convince. "

Alexander spoke " Just don't let her kill off our characters too early. The Hollywood directors coming along to watch the play can provide references so we have to impress."

Viggo shrugged " Fine."

As Alexander bent over Stefano taking some more fries from his tray, Viggo saw in corner of his eyes that Trent was laughing and joking with Angelia making her laugh. That made him beyond jealous.

Viggo stood up looking bewildered as he was staring at Angelia and Trent with narrowed eyes. "I want to kill him. How dare he get close and personal with her to this level?"

Stefano turned around and gasped " Oh, man. This is bad. What's next? Are they sharing their drinks too? It looks like that's what's coming." He then saw his cousin walk past him towards them. He shouted " Viggo?" He couldn't believe he was doing something about what he was feeling.

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