Vienna took a deep breath "Tristan...What do you want from me?"

Tristan narrowed his eyes and put his both hands at each side of her on the door as Vienna wished she could step away from him but she couldn't since she was leaning to the wall. "I think you know the answer Vienna..."

Vienna took a deep breath as she spoke "Tristan, why are you doing this?"

Tristan nodded "Doing what?"

Vienna could see what he was doing. He wanted specific answers. He wanted detailed answers with reasoning just like how he was trained to ask questions. He was an interrogator like Vincenzo. He took no nonsense. He sensed lies. She was facing no ordinary kid. She spoke "Just leave..."

Tristan shook his head "Tell me why? What have I done wrong?"

Vienna sighed "I ... don't know....I just want to be alone. Please leave..." She just couldn't find an answer for his question.

Tristan spoke "What is it that is on your mind right now. Talk to me. If you want me gone, push me away then. Do it. I wont resist. Hit me...Do anything but give me a reaction. I need to know where I am standing. Tell me why you don't want to spend time with me. This is not about drawing me or not drawing me. I have seen you drawn others.....I have seen your portraits a few times."

Vienna defended " I only draw family members or just girls who are my friends in school..."

Tristan smiled in satisfaction "That's good to know. I would love to be the exception."

Vienna sighed and looked away "Tristan. Please can we talk about this another time?" She felt trapped. He had caged her in with his arms. If she moved, she would have touched him and she was feeling her cheeks getting heated up. She was finding it hard to handle his closeness.

Tristan stated in a harder tone "You shouldn't try to avoid me Vienna. Just open up. Give me a good reason why you don't want to draw me and I would be gone."

Vienna closed her eyes.

Tristan demanded "I need an answer." He then thought to himself " Come on Vienna. Push me. Even if you show me some hate its better than what you are doing to me. Its driving me mad." He didn't want to pressure her but it didn't mean he was coping well with being distant with her. She was fine dealing with other boys and not him. It bothered him alot.

Vienna opened her eyes and just as her eyes met Tristan's she looked away quickly " I think I told you that you make me nervous. I find you intimidating. You know that already."

Tristan shook his head " Why? Answer me Vienna."

Vienna hugged her chest with her arms and looked down "You are capable of hurting me. I know you are."

Tristan stated " I have never hurt you Vienna and never will. Do you believe me? Look at me into my eyes and call me a liar and I will leave. Am I a liar? If I am not liar in your eyes then you don't mind spending time with me and drawing me. Maybe you are lying to yourself."

Vienna knew she was caught. This was a do or die question. He was quite good with asking the questions that hit where it hurt. She couldn't possibly look him in the eye and tell him he was a liar because she didn't believe that and even her own father who was so protective of her didn't believe that. Her father even called Tristan, his father's son in keeping his word and being honourable. She could never pull it off looking at him and calling him a liar. He could tell she was lying if she did call him a liar and she had a feeling he was going to push hard until she told the truth. So she gave in.

Vienna looked up into Tristan's eyes and tried hard to keep her voice steady " I trust you..."

Tristan smiled "That's more like it. So if I tell you I would never hurt you, then you must trust me. So tell me is there a valid reason left to refuse to spend time with me and draw me?"

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