*Request* Fiery Experaments (Donnie x Reader)

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(WARNING! Mature content ahead!)

"(Y/n), can you finish up that mixture? I've been working non-stop and it's hotter than a volcano in here today. I need to wash up a bit." Donnie said.

"You can count on me Donnie! Don't get soap in your eyes!" You teased. He chuckled.

"I won't. See you in a little bit dove." He replied. He left and you went to get some other chemicals. You were Donnie's girlfriend. You'd been dating for a full year now. You loved it. You both worked together a lot, but Donnie still did so much work himself. You were glad he finally told himself that he needed to take a break and clean up. 

You added the chemicals you thought you needed, but something went wrong. It turned bright red and bubbled over. You gasped. You tried to clean it up before it got on anything else. You were wearing gloves, but some got on your wrist. You flinched. It stung. You sighed. You looked over the chemicals you used. 

"That's what Donnie said to try out....*sigh* another failed experiment then."  You finished cleaning up...but you couldn't focus after that. These weird thoughts kept coming to mind. They all included Donnie. It started out with you just wanting a kiss, but then it got worse. It kept getting worse. Soon you were thinking of full blown hot fantasies. S-something's wrong with me. You had to stop. What did that formula do to me!? You tried to control it. I-it won't go away! You thought about it. Do I want it to go away? You blushed. Should I....? You smirked. Hell yeah I should~ 

You wandered around, looking for Donnie. You had so many ideas. You kept looking until you eventually had only one other good guess where he could be. You went to his room. You didn't bother knocking. You opened the door silently. He wasn't dressed or facing you. He hung the towel on one of the wooden pegs nailed into the wall. You grinned.

"Hey Donnie~" He froze. He whipped around. 

"(Y-Y/n)!?" He exclaimed. He tried to grab the towel again to cover up, but you quickly shut the door, locked it, and stopped him in three swift moves. He looked at you, shocked.

"You know you don't have to hide from me." You said. He looked shocked.

"(Y-Y/n) w-what's gotten into you?" You regained control of yourself.

"D-Donnie I...I'm sorry I-I don't know what the formula did to me."


"I-I spilled something on myself when you left and I-I feel....n-needy.... I-I have to go." He grabbed your hand as you began to leave.

"Wait." He said, pulling you back toward him. "It's okay. I'm not mad." You were stunned. "So....you feel...needy?" 

"T-that's the less embarrassing way of putting it." You muttered. He kissed you out of the blue. He pulled away with a teasing and amused smirk.

"I have no problems with that." You were shocked.

"U-um Donnie...a-are you sure about this?" He chuckled. He tucked a bit of your hair behind your ear before cupping your cheek. You face was burning and redder than a tomato.

"Of course I'm sure love. I'd do anything for you. Besides, if I'm being honest myself....it's not like I haven't thought about doing this with you." He said, getting closer to you. You were about to say something, but he cut you off with another kiss. You kissed back. It was gentle, but passionate too. You pulled away, regaining your confidence.

"I love you Donnie." He smiled.

"I love you too (Y/n)." You both dove back into the kiss. This one was hotter and hungrier. He pulled you onto his bed and you fell on top of him. You both made out with each other as his hands roamed your body.  You moaned into the kiss. Donnie's grip got tighter around you. You kept kissing until he pulled away and said, "You're wearing too much babe." You blushed, but chuckled. You got off of him and in seconds your shirt, pants, and bra were on the floor. He stared at you. You blushed with a shy smile.

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