Tag Team (Mikey x Reader)

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You were playing Overwatch with a bunch of random local people. You were very good at it, but you were a big talker. You always did the speakers. You loved it and plus a lot of people talked back too. Most people you never talked to again though. You finished another victorious match and said,

"Good work guys! Team effort!" You said. People in the chat agreed with you. After that you went onto a different match with a new team. You started playing and you looked at the names of the people playing. You didn't know any of them. 

You started playing as (fav Overwatch character). You were very good as (him/her). As you started playing you stayed quiet for a little bit. You suddenly were ambushed by somebody. You were just about to die, but then they died. You were stunned. You saw a player named 'PizzaNinja16' had saved you. You smiled. You turned on your speaker.

"Thanks Ninja!" You said. To your surprise, they spoke back.

"No problem (Nick name based on your username)!" 

"Come on! I have a plan everybody! Follow my lead!" You said. Your team listened to you and you all pulled it off amazing well with Ninja's help. He was fast and he was amazing at it! You quickly won the match and you all celebrated. Nearly everyone voted for either you or Ninja. You smiled. You continued to talk with Ninja.

"You're really good at this man." You said.

"Video games are my thing yo." He replied. You smiled.

"Talk to you in private chat." You said.

"Be there in a sec!" He replied. You both went to private chat and you sent him your phone number. He sent back an excited smiley face. You chuckled. You put in a message for him.

'Call me. I've been playing for awhile. I chat would be nice.'

'Don't have to tell me twice! I'll log off and meet you there!' He said. You chuckled.

'Sweet. Talk to ya Ninja.' You logged off and waited. Your phone rang and you picked it up.

"Heya." You said.

"Sup girl! Nice to meet you by the way! My name's Mikey!" He said. You smiled.

"That's cute!" You said. 

"What do they call you sweets?" He asked. You told him your name and he said that he thought it was cute too. You blushed a little. You both talked for a long time and Mikey said that he was actually new-ish to Overwatch. You were stunned.

"Seriously? You're new to it?" You asked.

"Yeah! Just got the chat head-set today actually. It took me awhile to save up enough. My friend April helped me out." He said. You nodded.

"Well, you're really good at it." You said.

"Thanks!" He said. Then you're mother called for you.

"Sorry Mikey. I gotta go. I'll talk to you again soon. Can't wait to play with you again." You said.

"You too! Later girl!" He said. You chuckled.

"Later." You hung up and hurried downstairs to your mother.

*1 week later*

You'd both been playing together for awhile now. You were the perfect team. You loved playing with Mikey. It was awesome! You both won almost every time. It was pretty great. You both had started a reputation actually. Some of the people that had played with you before had started calling you the power couple. You both didn't mind.

When you weren't playing, you were talking to each other over the phone. You wanted to meet Mikey really badly. You both lived in the city, so why not? That night, you asked him to come over. He seemed nervous at first, but he agreed pretty fast.

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