Secrets (Leo x Demon!Reader)

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You were training with Leo. You'd been a couple for awhile now. The heroic blue clad turtle had always been a great friend so when you'd confessed to him he'd instantly told you he'd liked you as well. You'd been dating for almost a year. You met him when you'd heard fighting on a roof top. You'd gone to investigate and saw him and his brothers fighting Kraang droids. You had grabbed one of the Kraang's guns and helped them win. Ever since then you'd trained and had been part of the team. You started dating Leo about a month afterward.

"You gotta be able to get another hit in (Y/n)." Leo said. You nodded. You tried again. This time you channeled your energy into the move he was showing you. Your movements and body was a blur as you did it as fast as possible right after you pulled more tricks and him and pinned him.

"Nothing to it fearless." You replied. Leo had taught you a lot about what he knew and now you were his training and fighting partner. Leo smiled at you.

"Nice work kitten." He said. He'd begun calling you that ever since you'd gotten strawberry ice cream on your nose, making it look like you had a kitty nose. You smiled back at him.

"Thanks Leo." You let him up and you gave each other a fist bump. Suddenly your stomach growled. He chuckled.

"Yeah, me too. Come on." He said. You smiled and you both headed to the kitchen. You both had some left over spaghetti you'd made the other night. Leo did the cheesy noodle kiss with you. You enjoyed it though.

Soon you started feeling sick. Leo noticed.

"You okay?" He asked.

"No...I just feel sick all of a sudden." You said. He helped you up and took you to his room. You relaxed and he gave you a kiss on the forehead before leaving to let you rest.

Leo's POV

I went back to training. I had guessed it was probably just her stomach acting up. If I had known....

I trained for hours and I was pretty sure everyone else had gone to bed by this time. I was getting pretty tired myself. Suddenly I heard a scream. I was wide awake now. I knew that scream. (Y/n)! I raced out of the dojo and hurried to my room. The others were up and they hurried after me. When we got there, we saw claw marks on the walls. I was worried and confused.

"What happened?" Raph asked.

"I don't know! She isn't here and I don't understand how she could've gone anywhere!" I said, panicking slightly.

"It's okay Leo. I'm sure we can find her." Donnie said.

"B-bros..." Mikey said staring up with a terrified expression. "I-I think I found her..." He whimpered. We looked up and I felt my blood run cold. She was nothing like before! She had black dragon wings, fangs, one blood red eye and one icy neon blue eye. She was also almost shadow like. It was like her body was made of black smoke. Her hands had turned into talon like hands. She chuckled darkly at us. In the blink of an eye she raced past us. We hurried after her. She looked back at us. Her body was normal now, but she still had all the other features. She chuckled and took off. I didn't understand how this was possible.

"What are we gonna do?" Mikey asked.

"We've gotta go after her!" I said.

"Leo's right. We've gotta figure out what's going on." Raph agreed. We hurried after her. When we found her she was sitting on the edge of a roof singing to herself. I was about to confront her, but Raph stopped me as we hid.

"What now?" Donnie asked.

"We need a plan to capture her. If she starts running we risk losing her." He said. We nodded. We thought of a plan and I was sent out to confront her. I had to be careful though. I heard her humming. It was kinda scary.

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