Scars of War and Love (Leo x Foot!Reader)

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You were training hard with Karai. You were one of Shredder's best warriors. No mutant was going to take your place. You were under Tiger Claw's command, but you were the next highest under him. You'd even earned the big cat's respect. He'd seen you fight and he knew you were one of the best. Shredder had never sent you out for the turtles though. He was waiting until he thought you were ready. He was waiting for the right time. His plan was to weaken them, and then you'd deal the final blow.

You wanted to fight, but you understood why he was waiting to put you into the playing field. Element of surprise. Once they thought they were invincible, send a whole new challenge at them. You couldn't wait for that day. You were sure you could do it. 

"Gah!" Karai yelped as you kicked her back and pinned her faster than lighting. Your blade was an inch away from her throat. You were a very serious person when you needed to be, but the rest of the time you were actually pretty fun. You grinned. You let her up and she stood there panting. 

"You alright?" You asked with a chuckle.

"Fine. You've been *pant* really improving." She said, regaining her breath. You smiled.

"That's the point. Wanna go again?" You asked. She grinned.

"Of course." She replied. You got your weapons ready for round four.

As you two started another sparring session, Tiger Claw came in

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As you two started another sparring session, Tiger Claw came in.

"(Y/n), Shredder wants you. I think you'll be pleased with what he has to say." He said with a grin. You and Karai glanced at each other with the same hopeful look. You quickly followed Tiger Claw out and to Shredder.

You knelt down in front of his thrown. 

"You wished to see me?" You asked. He stood up and came down to you.

"(Y/n), the turtles have been able to celebrate too much lately. I want you to hunt them down and cut them at the root." He said. You grinned.

"What do I have to do?" You asked looking up at him.

"Leonardo is young and overconfident. He is the heart of those for reptiles. With no leader, they will be like a nest of scattered ants. Befriend him. Make him trust you more than anyone else. Find his weak spot and then tare him apart from the inside out." He said. You grinned.

"Like they said, true friends stab you in the front. Heheheh." You chuckled. Shredder chuckled as well. You knew an evil grin was on his face under that mask. You turned to leave. "As you wish, Master Shredder. One heart broken turtle's shell, coming right up." With that, you hurried away and through the city. You had changed into gear that had no Foot Clan symbols. You were going to play it off as a vigilante. You paused on a rooftop. You saw a boy riding a bike on the street. You instantly knew who he was. Casey Jones, vigilante and ally of the turtles. Semi crazy and good with pucks and a hockey stick. While untrained, he's a good fighter. I have my chance. You thought. 

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