Swimming into Love (Raph x Reader part 2)

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(This is a part 2 of 'Dive Right In'.)

"That's time!" You stopped swimming. You smiled and quickly swam back to the others. You climbed up onto the docks. Raph gave you a high three/five. "Great work (Y/n)! You're getting faster everyday! you'll be ready for the state championships in no time!" Donnie said. You smiled.

"You're gonna blow everyone else out of the water." Raph said giving you a playful punch on the arm. You smiled.

"(Y/n)'s swimming is light speed yo!" Mikey agreed.

"Keep training and it will be!" Leo said with a smile. 

"Come on. Let's get back to the lair." Donnie said. You all left and hurried home. You'd moved in with the turtles since you had been struggling to support yourself. The money you made wasn't enough to keep you stable, so Raph had said it would be fine if you stayed with them.

You got home and relaxed on the couch with Raph. You relaxed next to him in your human form. He smiled a little and wrapped one arm around you. This had become the norm for you both. Raph seemed very comfortable having you around. Mikey had mentioned to you that ever since you'd started staying with them one month ago, Raph had been in way better moods than usual. You were glad that you could help him like that, even if he didn't say it out loud.

You both watch TV together for a long time. You didn't talk or move all that much. You just enjoyed the movie and each others company. You decided to take a chance. You cuddled up closer to him and he looked at you, slightly surprised. You were blushing, but your eyes never left the TV. You felt his grip tighten, pulling you even closer. You smiled a bit. Raph smiled a little too. 

After another movie you were getting pretty tired. You yawned and Raph looked over at you. He chuckled.

"Tired?" He asked. You nodded.

"Yeah." You said with another yawn. He picked you up bridal style and carried you to his room. You were confused, but you weren't going to complain. Raph set you down and he climbed into bed with you. He pulled you in close with a soft smile. It was a smile you'd never seen him make before. It made you feel warm and fuzzy...and loved. You smiled back. You gladly cuddled up to him. He chuckled.

"Night (Y/n)." He said. You smiled.

"Night Raph."

*The next day*

You woke up and Raph was gone. You sat up, looking around. You shrugged. He was probably up waiting for Mikey to finish breakfast and he'd just let you sleep. You got up and stretched. You made his bed and then walked out of his room. You went to the kitchen, the smell of breakfast luring you in. You walked in and saw the guys just hanging out as Mikey finished up. They spotted you.

"Morning (Y/n)." Leo said.

"Morning Leo! Morning guys!" You said.

"Morning dudette!" Mikey said.

"Good morning!" Donnie said.

"Morning." Raph said with a smile. You sat down next to him and Mikey spoke again.

"Just in time (Y/n)! Breakfast is ready!" He said. He gave everyone what they wanted and he sat down to join you with his own plate, which was overflowing with breakfast items. You chuckled a little and you all ate together. When the rest of the guys were talking about something Raph leaned over and whispered,

"Sleep well?" It sent an excited shiver down your spine. You didn't know if it was the way he said it, or just the fact that he asked you, but it made your heart thump louder and your face flush bright pink. You nodded, not daring to say a word for fear you wouldn't be able to say it without stuttering. He smiled. The others hadn't noticed you flustered state, but Raph seemed to be enjoying it. "I'd hope so. I kept you warm all night. You should be a bit more thankful." He said. You swallowed hard. You had grown feelings for Raph over the past month and this was only making you go into a full on freaking out state. He chuckled and left you alone after that, continuing to casually talk with his brothers like it never happened.

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