When You're Not Listening (Mikey x Insecure!Reader)

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You were heading to the liar. You had met the turtles not long ago. They had been on patrol and you had seen them jumping from roof to roof. Curious, you had followed them. You had misjudged a jump and fallen, but Mikey had heard your scream and he'd caught you. After that you'd become good friends.

You walked into the lair. Nobody was in the main living area. You looked around. You peeked into the dojo and saw them training with Master Splinter watching. You smiled a little. All of them seemed so sure of their movements. They had confidence, unlike you. That was the reason you had fallen the night you'd met them only 4 months ago. You had been nervous of the jump and you hadn't been able to make it thanks to that. You saw Mikey beat Donnie. You smiled. Good job Mikey! You thought. You had sat down without being noticed. Each of them had been concentrating hard. Donnie noticed you as he sat down. He waved and you waved back with a kind smile. Raph beat Mikey and then, as usual, Raph and Leo clashed. Mikey sat down next to you.

"Sweet to see you again (Y/n)!" He whispered. 

"You too Mikey." You whispered back. Soon Leo won and Raph growled in anger. His anger didn't last too long luckily. They all had seen you now and said hello. You smiled a them a little. After that you went with Mikey to play a game. You were pretty bad at them, but Mikey always chose teams with you to help you. He also gave you good tips and such. You were getting better. After awhile of playing Leo called a meeting in Donnie's lab. You followed Mikey and listened silently as they discussed the issue.

"Alright, so Donnie used the communication orb to find out what the Kraang are up too recently. Donnie?" Leo said. 

"I've been trying to decode it for days, but I think I finally have a basic outline of their plan. It seems like tomorrow night they're going to be testing a new weapon just outside the city, near one of their bases. I couldn't get anything on what the weapon looks like, but I do know that it isn't as big as some of the others. I managed to pinpoint the location of the testing grounds." Donnie said, pointing to a spot on the map on his computer. 

"Then let's go dent some tin cans!" Raph said. 

"Hold on Raph. We don't know anything about this weapon. We need a plan." Leo said.

"I've got one! Put a blade in it however many times we need to!" He said.

"Raph, you do realize that we might not even be able to that. It could have some sort of shield or it could be like that big rock man." Donnie said. 

"Exactly. We have to be prepared for anything." Leo said. "Now, how are we going to get to it without being spotted? We can't just hide in the grass." 

"You wouldn't have to. There's trees around that side of the city. The branches start pretty high up off the ground though. You could use your grappling hooks to get up there and then you have an overlooking advantage.  Leo could use the telescope to see what's going on and once you're good to go, just swoop in and crash the party." You said. They all stared at you. You just realized you had been thinking out loud. "I...um....sorry." You said, looking at your feet. "I have no part in this. I'll just be getting a snack or something." You said and began to leave.

"No wait! That was a great plan!" Leo said. You turned.

"I was just spit balling. No big deal." You said.

"Well, based on this map the trees get right up to the testing area." Donnie said.

"I mean it was just an idea." You said quietly.

"(Y/n) I would've never thought of that. I didn't even know there was cover around there. This really helps a lot." Leo said.

"Yeah! Don't feel so bad about it (Y/n)! That was awesome!" Mikey said.

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