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Donnie x Reader (VERY SLOW UPDATES) by DJ_Jen
Donnie x Reader (VERY SLOW UPDATES)by Raphie
Donnie x Reader! :3 Enjoy!
The Will To Forget (Rise Of The TMNT) by SilverDreams82
The Will To Forget (Rise Of The 💜Silver💜
Olivia Richmond was just a normal girl in a broken household. She tried her best to move out, going between school, work and occasionally home as she struggled to suppor...
TMNT x Reader Leonardo by Nyx_Magis
TMNT x Reader Leonardoby Author-Chan
This is a Female reader x Leo story fanfic, I will do my best to satisfy the Fanfic needs if you readers. Coming from japan you came to New York for family but got mo...
Tmnt x mermaid reader by DoddleDara
Tmnt x mermaid readerby Erin
You where a normal teenage girl until you ran it the wrong people. Your body got mutated and you became a mermaid withe the power to control water. The turtles start to...
From The Shadows || TMNT FanFiction (BOOK 1) by fannogomi
From The Shadows || TMNT HappyNinja
Carrie thought of her life as normal; at least, as normal as a teenage girl's life could be. She had friends, as many teenagers do and she went to school, as teenagers d...
What would happen?Tmnt BF Scenarios{FINISHED} by aquarimia
What would happen?Tmnt BF aquarimia
A lot of peeps have been doing these, so I thought "Hey, why not?" So here you guys go, I hope you enjoy these as much as I love writing them-Kiki<3 Edit [J...
Raph x Reader TMNT by demonlord663
Raph x Reader TMNTby Myya.B
this is boyfriend scenarios. The reader won't be that hot-headed. She's gonna love books and be a little shy when nervous. But has a slight temper. And a swearing proble...
Tmnt Oneshots by 1loserinthecorner
Tmnt Oneshotsby 1loser<3
All characters x reader. I do almost any request so dm or comment and put anything you want to happen! It's your book, I'm just writing in it:) Otherwise, grab a popsi...
TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by Turtleluvah
TMNT Boyfriend Scenariosby Perri <3
Okay, so this is going to sound like every other description of every other fanfiction surrounding this topic, but what the hell I'm doing it anyway! I've seen a lot of...
ROTTMNT / TMNT 2012 One Shots by MultiFandomAccount0
ROTTMNT / TMNT 2012 One Shotsby ♡ M ♡
* REQUESTS CLOSED * Tons of one shots that I have written for all of you beautiful people to read and enjoy. This uses to be only 2012 series themed, but I've added some...
TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios! by pumpkinpie_
TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios!by syddy
I'm gonna be writing some boyfriend scenarios!
TMNT2012 Boyfriend scenario by Hinako29
TMNT2012 Boyfriend scenarioby Hinako29
What if you have a teenage mutant ninja turtles as your boyfriend ?? How will it go ?? A TMNT2012XReader story and of course Boyfriend scenarios XD
Mission Failed ~ Leonardo x Reader by The2tailedfoxy
Mission Failed ~ Leonardo x Readerby the2tailedfoxy
You were a TMNT Geek. Your life was pretty good at your Boarding School, until the day Shredder came. Asking of a student with high grades from each subject to take with...
The Gift of a Friend(TMNT fanfiction) by OceanEmily13
The Gift of a Friend(TMNT OceanEmily13
Rosa is an eight year old kid dealing with fighting parents. She has no friends, and every time she tries to talk to their parents they are in the middle of a fight. One...
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TMNT Daughter Scenarios by GirlMeetsTMNT
TMNT Daughter Scenariosby ➳Follow MYTUMBLR➳
Yes people!! Title says it all!! My first scenarios book!! This is not a one-shot though. It will follow a story line. Please read and enjoy!! [#wattys2016]
TMNT x Reader Scenarios by blue_divergents
TMNT x Reader Scenariosby Raph's Fangirl (Quotev)
Ever wondered what it would be like to date a Ninja Turtle? Well don't hesitate hit that button to read! Ranked: #1 in Leo 5/20/19 #1 in Turtles 6/14/19 #2 In April 5/2...
TMNT x Reader One-Shots by Harper_Lillie
TMNT x Reader One-Shotsby Harper Ray Lillie
[Requested Are Closed!] Just a bunch of One-Shots with your favourite turtles! (Let's be forreal, I'm probably gonna put April, Casey, Splinter, and maybe even some vil...
Dinosaur in the sewer (TMNT fanfiction)  by uwuTOeveryone
Dinosaur in the sewer (TMNT DevIL's_cHiLD
It all went wrong, when (Y/n)s parents left their little 8-year-old daughter alone for a few minutes to play on the playground. The small child got kidnapped and was exp...
Bro fluff oneshots  by tmnt_melody
Bro fluff oneshots by ❤️Meli❤️
Only brotherly love. No tcest, readers, or oc's. Sorry I'm being picky XD. (On hold)