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Why Brothers, Why? A TMNT story (Completed) by Cyan_Writes
Why Brothers, Why? A TMNT story ( Cyan_Writes
Mikey is hurt by his brothers mean words and falls into depression. He ends up getting captured by identical copies of his brothers and Mikey can't tell the difference...
His Voice | Rise! Donnie x Reader by WritingRosette
His Voice | Rise! Donnie x Readerby Takeshi Reika
Cross published on AO3. Who the hell has a gigabyte of their own voice recording? A narcissist turtle that is. But that file was taken by a friend and given to another...
Smoldering Love (donatello x reader) by Sassatello
Smoldering Love (donatello x Sassatello
Donnie's a hopeless romantic, so when he falls in love, it's not easy or subtle, but not everyone falls in love this way. If that weren't hard enough, he's mutant turtle...
an  O N L I N E  thing || Donatello x Reader by qmintea
an O N L I N E thing || (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡
The shit you end up telling strangers online is unbelievable. INCOMING MESSAGE FROM Bootyyyshaker9000... . . . "My brother just deemed Trixie as best pony. Disgusti...
ROTTMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by Asshole_Jaden
ROTTMNT Boyfriend Scenariosby Jaden
I think it's rather self explanatory. Thank you for being here if it ever gets published. ~ I am tired and don't want to do school work so I probably will be writing t...
Adventures In Leo-Sitting by ImagionationStation
Adventures In Leo-Sittingby Ninja Neko
This story is dedicated to my favorite and only little sister! After an accident in Donnie's lab, a table full of chemicals gets dunked onto Leo. When nothing happen...
Slash's Revenge by CJtheStoryteller
Slash's Revengeby CJtheStoryteller
Set after 'Slash and Destroy.' Slash is out for revenge against Raphael for betraying him and he has decided the best way to hurt the turtle in red is through his brothe...
Change for Chance (Donnie x 𝖥𝖾𝗆-reader) by Mori_101
Change for Chance (Donnie x 𝖥𝖾𝗆 Mori :3
• Y/n l/n lived with her aunt for years since she's her parents died when she was younger. Y/n and her Aunt had resently moved to where she grew up, New York. • ~ It was...
Behind this mask 2.0 (Rottmnt Donnie) by cartoonnerd9000
Behind this mask 2.0 (Rottmnt cartoonnerd9000
!this story isn't entirely mine! Something happened to Donnie, no one knew what. One minute they were listening to Donnie yell the next they stood in the door way of hor...
Rottmnt Donnie x reader  by c0nstantly_tired
Rottmnt Donnie x reader by Tmnt fan
Read to find out shawdies 😼 Also i don't own rottmnt but if u haven't watched it u totally should like rn
Behind This Mask by NotSoSugar
Behind This Maskby Coco
(I adopted this story from @devilgirl2006 art is also not mine) Donnie's keeping a secret from his brothers, a terrible secret. He feels like he's being teared apart, ca...
Rottmnt X Reader by felix_oppa0
Rottmnt X Readerby Felix
As you can see this is a Rottmnt book MAINLY consisting of X Reader stories, i MAY and i repeat MAY do some Oc stories but i would start with mine and friends to see how...
Rottmnt2018 meets Tmnt2012 by FANDOMVENOMFOX
Rottmnt2018 meets Tmnt2012by FANDOMRANDOM 👍🤩
As (rottmnt) Leo used his odachi something went wrong. It opened another dimension of themselves! Two leaders, Two Brains,Two Pizza Lovers and one hot head and a Flirter...
A Siren's Secrets (Leonardo x Mermaid/Siren Reader) by PopstarQueen
A Siren's Secrets (Leonardo x PopstarQueen
(A/N: Cover created by me, on my Canva!) (Y/N), with her Siren Sister, Rebecca, have been serving the seas for as long as they could ever remember; delivering sea-bound...
~Sleepy~ ROTTMNT x Younger human brother reader by Oliver_isnt_emo
~Sleepy~ ROTTMNT x Younger human Oliver_isnt_emo
bored tired and tired. yes I'm double tired. Backstory to be reviled + I'll add bonus chapters when I feel like it lolz Story not entirely mine!!! FtM reader bc I'm tha...
Again | Donatello x reader by Donniiieeeeee
Again | Donatello x readerby Donniiieeeeee
[COVER NOT MINE] What happens if one of the turtles accidentally get them to the past? Read to find out. (This is my first story im sorry if it's bad 😢)
SOFTSHELL- A Separated Siblings AU by Drippingindazzle
SOFTSHELL- A Separated Siblings AUby Drippingindazzle
An AU where Draxum kidnapped Donatello and years later he sees the family he can't remember after a mission on the surface.
Mikey Tmnt {One-Shots} by Xxbittersweet_RoseXx
Mikey Tmnt {One-Shots}by Jason_Todd's_Thigh__Holster
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one-shots, if you have any requests feel free to message me! I'd gladly write them. {Mikey Centric} + { Hurt/Comfort Centric}
Donnie scenarios by fangirl_kat
Donnie scenariosby Trina
This is one of the 4 books i have written and its just about you and donnie and the sparks between you two I dont own tmnt Please enjoy
 Rottmnt and Tmnt meet Teen Titans  by AubreyLong5
Rottmnt and Tmnt meet Teen Titans by Aubrey Long
Rottmnt and TMNT meets the Teen Titans