You Don't Love Me (Leo x Reader)

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(WARNING violence and slight language!)

You would always fight with him. He just didn't get it. You were always trying to help, but he always said you were trying to take over. You just wanted to help him lead! He didn't know EVERYTHING! You sighed. Maybe you just needed to talk it out with him.

You got up from where you were sitting alone in the garage. You walked into the main area and asked Mikey if he knew where Leo was.

"I think he's in the dojo." Mikey replied. You nodded.

"Thanks Mikey!" You said and hurried to the dojo. As you approached you heard angry rambling.

"And she's just trying to take control! I can see exactly what she's doing! She acts as if she's trying to help, but she's just trying to be leader! I'm leader!" You slowed your walking. You peeked in. Leo was rambling off to Raph as they sparred.

"Maybe she is just trying to help Leo, you just don't want her to take your place." Raph pointed out.

"I'm just saying that she isn't even a real part of the team! She's less trained than us and she's not part of our family! It's the four of us! She just shows up one day and acts like she owns the place? What's up with that!?" Leo said as the kept clashing.

"Leo, you ever think you might just be jealous that her ideas are actually good?" Raph said.

"I'm not jealous! And I'm not just trying to protect my leadership! She needs to learn her place! She's such a pain! She might as well work with Shredder! If she wants her own team to lead than she can lead the Foot soldiers for all I care! I'm leader and she should respect that! If she kept her mouth shut instead of always offering her own plan when I come up with a perfectly good one, then maybe I'd listen! But no! She's always trying to come up with something better! She's a selfish spoiled brat!" Leo yelled. You were shocked. You ran away from the dojo, tears in your eyes. Mikey saw you running and crying. He looked surprised and worried. 

"(Y/n)! Hey! Wait!" He called. You didn't. You kept running blindly through the sewers until you couldn't run any further. You collapsed to you knees and cried. Leo was your best friend. While yes you both fought sometimes, he was still so nice and brave and caring. Now you knew, he didn't care about you. He hated you. "She might as well work with Shredder!" His words echoed in your head. You felt something snap inside you. You got to your feet and headed to the surface. You were through with being nice.

Leo's POV

"Leo! She's your best friend! How could you say that about her!? What's wrong with you man!?" Raph yelled at me. I realized I had gone too far. While I was mad that she was always saying different plans and she acted kind of controlling sometimes, I didn't want to actually fight her. She was my best friend after all. I cared about her a lot.

"You're right. I was just mad. I better go talk to her about it. Maybe that'll help." I said. Suddenly Mikey burst into the dojo.

"Guys! (Y/n) just ran out into the sewers! She was crying and I've never see her run that fast before!" Mikey exclaimed.

"What!?" I said. No no no! Please tell me she didn't hear that! Oh God! What have I done!? I thought worriedly.

"We've gotta find her! Let's go!" Raph said. I nodded we got Donnie and then hurried to find her.

"How are we gonna find her?" Mikey asked.

"Her T-Phone. I can track it with mine." Donnie said. He found the signal and we all hurried off with Donnie leading the way. Soon enough she came to a stop. She was on the surface. We hurried up. We made it there but it was in a dead end ally. We looked around and I froze as I spotted her T-Phone. I dagger was through it under a single light. We all were shocked. I picked it up, my hand shaking. I looked at it and I froze in horror. On the back was the word 'DIE'. I was so afraid. 

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