Dive Right In (Raph x Hybrid!Reader)

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The whistle blew. You dove in and did the butterfly stoke all the way to the other end as fast as you could. The whistle blew as soon as you got there. You had gotten there way faster then everyone else. You had a reason why, but you could never tell them your secret. You were part orca, part cheetah, and part crow. You had been mutated when you were little, but your father was a scientist so he helped you gain the ability to switch between your human form and animal. You also had a half and half form. In your full on animal form you had an orca tail, a cheetah body and the black wings of a crow. You also had new animal like instincts. When you switched into your human animal half human form, you had the cat ears, cheetah teeth, black wings, and you can switch between whether you had your orca tail or legs. And then there was your full on human form where you just looked like a normal human.

You climbed out of the water and your coach said you did outstanding. You smiled. You thanked him and then you went to dry off. Once you did, you left and walked home. You lived alone. Your father had died because of the Kraang. The Kraang thought that his ability to give you the power to change at will could be useful. He refused to help them, so they shot and killed him. You had ripped them all to pieces and then you'd fled to the city.

You now lived in an apartment. You chose a building with a pool so you could practice and, in the middle of the night, so you could swim in your animal form. Tonight though, you wanted to go for a run instead. Being part cheetah, you did that a lot too. Flying was one of the best though. It made you feel even more free, because there was no limits to where you could go.

You got home and changed into more comfortable clothes. You left your home and then you went up onto the rooftops. You grinned. You changed into your animal form and bolted for it. You ran at 70 miles per hour. Being a mutant helped you go faster than ever for longer amounts of time. You leaped from roof to roof, never stopping. The breeze whipped past you. You smiled. You jumped over the wide street below. You roared in delight. You landed, using your claws to skid to a stop. You were panting, but that was okay. 

"That was awesome!" You said happily. Then you heard something. Your ears perked up and you raised your head, looking around quickly. You heard a blaster powering up. You narrowly dodged a shot.

"Kraang, it is the one known as (Y/n) (L/n)." You gasped. THEY FOUND ME!!! You were about to run, but you were cut off by more bots. You glared at them. You took off into the air.

"Ha! Later Kraang chumps!" You snapped. They started firing at you. You dodged most of them, but then one ht your wing. You screamed in pain and terror as you plummeted to the ground. 

As you were about to hit the pavement, something swooped in and caught you. You opened your eyes. You came face to face with another mutant. He was a turtle! He had on a red mask and gear along with ninja weapons. He had a grappling hook which is how he saved you. 

He just kinda stared at you when you landed on the ground. You imagined you looked very strange to him. After all, it wasn't every day you would see a hybrid like yourself. He set you down and you both took a moment before he finally spoke. 

"Are you alright?" He asked. You were about to say yes, but then your wing stung like crazy. You tensed up, gritting your teeth. You looked at it and saw that it as bleeding pretty bad. The turtle noticed too. More shots fired as the Kraang chased you. Suddenly three more turtles came.

"You guys okay?" The purple masked turtle asked.

"Donnie! It's wing is bleeding! Think you can patch them up?" The red turtle asked.

"Everything is back at the lair! She'd have to come with us!" Donnie replied.

"Well, we've got other things to deal with first! Ninjas attack!" The blue ordered.

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