Built for You (Donnie x Hybrid Robot!Reader)

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You sighed as you tweaked your arm. It had been slightly dysfunctional so you needed to fix it up. You were part robot. Your father had done tests on you and made you into basically a cyborg. You didn't mind being half robot. It was kinda cool actually. Part of your left leg, right arm, left side of your torso, and right side of your face were all robotic. You had advanced hearing, sight, and health though. Your father had made sure you were stronger. Your arm could even turn into a gun, or other weapons. Most of the time it was a normal hand though.

You were soon done fixing yourself and got up. You decided it was a good night to have a lap around the city. Or some of it at least. You often fought the Kraang since your father had told you their goal. He'd asked you to try and find a girl called April, but you hadn't seen her around here. You sighed. Being a vigilante was hard work sometimes. 

Still, you left your lab house, since your house was basically a robotics and chem lab, and headed out. You ran across roofs and leaped over some alley ways. You smiled. You did love the feeling of being free up here. Suddenly you heard something. As said, you had advanced hearing. 

"You think it's a new type of droid?" A mature sounding voice whisper asked.

"Seems like it to me. It's practically screaming that." A more angry and tough sounding voice replied.

"We should take it down before it starts trouble!" A third kind of nerdy sounding voice agreed. 

"Let's do this dudes!" A forth more silly and happy sounding voice said.

"Come on." The first said. You kept going, acting like you had no idea somebody was onto you. You heard them move around and pull out some weapons. You waited and then you heard a battle cry. You instantly did a spin kick sending them flying backward. You were stunned as you saw a turtle with a red mask. 

"Get it!" You were surrounded, but you knew how to handle yourself. Your arm switched into a plasma blade. You fought them and quickly took them down. You weren't a killer though. Suddenly, one in a purple mask tried to attack you again.

"Stupid droid!" He growled.

"Stupid mutant!" You hissed back. You threw him back. "What the hell do you want with me?" You growled. He stopped.

"Wait. You don't sound like a Kraang droid." He said.

"KRAANG!? That's what you thought I was!? Ha! I'm a cyborg idiot!" You snapped. You couldn't believe they had been so stupid. "Seriously! Do I look like a Kraang droid to you!? Good grief!" You said.

"If you're not a Kraang then who did that happen?" He asked.

"My father. He did experiments on me. He made me a fighter, literally." You said. He suddenly looked really interested in you.

"Really? Can I look at some of the tech he used!?" He asked, kind of excitedly. You rolled your eyes.

"If you promise not to wack me with your stick then sure." You said.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! We're just friends with her now?" The red one asked.

"Raph, it was our mistake. I'm just glad she's not still attacking us."

"Hey, when you look like us it's bound to happen." You said. They were mutants so it went both ways.

"Whoa.... She's like half robot!" The orange one said.

"I am half robot. I'm a cyborg." You said. "My name's (Y/n) (L/n)." You introduced yourself.

"I'm Michelangelo! You can call me Mikey!" He said. You smiled and nodded.

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