*Request* Not the Same (Mikey x Abused Psychopath!Reader)

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(WARNING! Violence and language ahead!)

You sat on the roof. You had just jumped another body into one of the dumpsters around. You had gone insane years ago, thanks to your now dead parents. You had a dagger in hand. You always kept it with you. You hated humanity. You wanted to cleanse the Earth in blood. The thought brought a psychopathic grin to your face. It began to rain. You climbed down from the roof and laid down under the fire escape in the alley. It was the only cover you were going to get. Slowly getting drenched, you fell asleep.

You woke up in your old room. You were 11 again. You looked around. "Sis? Hello?" You called. You heard your older sister's voice. You smiled and hurried toward it. You stopped. You sister was glaring at your abusive parents. She slammed her door shut and your father looked ticked. You mother looked disgusted.

"I wish I'd never given birth to these little brats." She growled.

"Like we have to keep them. Throw them to the streets." Your father growled. You glared at them.

"What did we ever do to you!? Why do you hate us so much!? You beat us, treat us like we're lower than dirt, laugh when we get hurt, call us names, and say you wish we were never born! Why?! We did nothing to you! For years, (S/n) tried to be a good providing daughter and I tried to help her, but that wasn't enough for you snobs! What is so wrong with us!?" You yelled at them.

"We're the snobs!? Look in the mirror you little piece of sh-" Your mother was cut off.

"No. She's right." You father said. He left and grabbed something out of a drawer in the kitchen. "It's not (S/n) that's the problem. She tried and that's good enough to acknowledge, but you on the other hand..." He said, stalking over to you. You then saw that he had a knife it hand. "You're just dead weight!" He yelled. You screamed as he grabbed you. He raised the knife, but suddenly he let go. You fell butt first onto the floor. You saw your sister strangling him from behind.


"(S/n)!" You exclaimed. You father grabbed her arm and threw her against the wall. Before anyone could react, he stabbed her. You stared at the scene before you in complete mortified shock. Tears quickly flowed down your face. He turned to you.

"See what you made me do? She didn't have to take your place, but thanks to you your goody two shoes sister is dead." He said. You felt something snap inside of you. You mind was clouded and you grinned. It was an insane grin. You walked into the kitchen and grabbed a steak knife. IT was much larger than the knife your father had. You looked at yourself in the blade. The grin never wavered.

"You mother fucker." You giggled. Your mother looked nervous.

"(Y/n)...put the knife away right now." She said. You looked at her.

"You're first bitch." You chuckled. You walked forward she backed away.

"(Y-Y/n)....p-please....I-I had no part in-"

"Ş̶͈̩̖̲̀̀ ̴͙̬̫̙̍H̸̢̛̦̝͌̎̽ ̴̖̮̖̼͕̂̓̔U̵̮͑̾̀̄ ̶͖͙̳̜͑̄͜Ṫ̸̹̱̽̓̍̈ ̵̨͓͖̽ ̷͇̺̺̣̟̃̊̇̕T̸̫̻̗̞̠̈́̾͆̽ ̷̼̪͖̱̔̓H̸̫̍̂̑͗͗ ̸̖̙̈͊͐̕Ȇ̷̳͘ ̸̪̪͈͔͂̓͌͂͌ ̸̧͈̜̱͗F̴͈͙̼̰̌̽̊͆ ̸̧͖͍͊̓ͅU̴͎͎̟͎͗ ̸̥̃̋̀̀ͅC̴̛̜͎̏̌͊ ̴͍̂̄́͗Ḱ̸͔̣̀͊̆̚ ̶̱̙̙͈̒͊̒͠ ̷̘̄̃́̔̚Ṵ̴̜̈͑ ̶͈̘̭̻̈́̂P̸͖̀͝ ̷̤̐̓̾.̸̢̗̞̠̓̅́̕" You hissed. You father tried to attack you, but you quickly sliced the blade across his eyes. He screamed. You cut all over his body before finally stabbing his three times in the chest. You mother was crying in horror. 

"S-STOP IT!" She cried out. You turned toward her.

"You'll feel my pain.....E V E R Y  L A S T  B I T  O F  I T ." With that, you cut her, punched her, kicked and, pulled out her hair, before finally stabbing her straight through the head. You don't deserve to live. Humanity should be killed. I'll clean this world of all of you. You vowed and left, your close covered and blood and a large knife at hand.

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