Burns (Human!Donnie x Reader)

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You sighed. It was so hard to keep up with everything lately. You were a very involved person at your school, but everything had to be on the same week this time. You had tests, performances, meetings, and even the next dance to help plan that was right around the corner. You were one all the all star students of the school. Young, but highly respected. Freshman year and people already depend on me to help this much. Why did I sign up for all of this? You wondered.

"Sis! Dinner!" Your older sister called. 

"Coming!" You replied. You hurried downstairs, grabbed a plate with the food, and then hurried back up to your room as you got back to work as you ate. You got a lot of the work done. Once you were done with everything you needed to get done that night, you went to your large walk in closet and looked around. You were excited for the dance and you had an outfit picked out. Your only regret, was that you had nobody to go with. You sighed again. You went to bed, very tired after all the work you'd done. Your eyes soon drooped shut and you soon fell asleep. 

Donnie's POV

I was working on something we could use to get around on the surface during the day if we needed to. With the new Kraang tech we'd gotten I had figured out how to build something really cool. It was a watch that could make us human! We'd still be mutants, but it was able to change us for however long we wanted as long as it had battery power. I had heard (Y/n) talking about a school dance that was free for high school kids to attend. She said she was going alone this year. I'd noticed how unhappy she'd looked when she'd told me that. That's what had given me this idea.

I worked for hours on this and finally finished! Time to test this out. I thought. 

"Hey guys! Come here! I just finished something pretty cool!" I called. They came into my lab and I was honestly pretty excited.

"What did you finish this time Donnie?" Leo asked. 

"Well, I finished our ticket of how to fit in on the surface!" I said.

"What?" Raph asked.

"We're not gonna mutate everybody are we!?" Mikey asked alarmed.

"No!" I said. I sighed and gave each of them one watch I'd made.

"Seriously?" Raph said.

"Just wait will you!" I snapped. "So put them on." I said. 

"Then what? I tell a random human the time?" Raph said sarcastically.

"Nope. Turn it." I said. They did and I grinned when it worked. They all looked shocked. I turned mine and I felt kinda weird, but I guess we'd just have to get used to it.

 I turned mine and I felt kinda weird, but I guess we'd just have to get used to it

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"How did you do this?" Leo asked.

"Kraang tech. I modified it and I figured out a way turn basically turn us human! It's under our control though. When your done just turn them back." I said. 

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