Anything For You (Human!Raph x Reader)

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(This is your weapon btw. You have two. One for each hand ^-^)

 One for each hand ^-^)

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Raph's POV

I was training when Donnie showed us these watches that could turn us human at our own will. I was actually pretty impressed by it. And man did I like how I looked as a human. I was hoping to impress someone now that I had the opportunity. I had beaten Leo in training like this. It was awesome winning the first test run as a human. I gotta admit. It felt pretty good having five fingers for once. And no shell did kinda give me the feeling of being both free and exposed. Still, I went to my room and I made sure everything was ready. I had my plans. (Y/n) is gonna be so impressed by this. 

Your POV

You were heading to the lair. You couldn't wait to see them again. Mostly Raph though. He'd been your boyfriend for a few weeks now. The others knew nothing about it though. Raph had asked to keep it a secret for awhile so that way the others wouldn't make fun of him. You'd kindly agreed to keep it a secret. 

When you got there you saw Leo watching Space Heroes and Mikey listening to music while reading a comic. Leo waved at you and you waved back. Then Raph came out of his room. He spotted you and smiled a little.

"Hey (Y/n)." He greeted. 

"Hey Raph!" You said.

"Hey, I wanna show you something. I've been working on some new moves." He said. You followed him to the dojo. You grabbed you haladies and got ready to spar with him.

"Whenever you're ready!" You said with a smile. You both fought and you were doing well until he pulled one of his new moves on you and knocked you down. 

"How was that?" He asked.

"Could've been better." You teased. He growled playfully at you. 

"Whatever. I still won." He said.

"Yep, and you're still pushing against my chest by the way." You said. His face fell and he looked down. He blushed. He let go quickly and you got up.

"Sorry." He said. You chuckled.

"It's fine." You said. "I don't mind you touching me anyway." He blushed a bit. 

"Hey, I wanna show you something else." He said. You followed him to his room. 

"So?" You asked.

"Close your eyes." He said.

"Why?" You asked.

"Just do it." You sighed and closed your eyes. "Okay." You opened them and you were shocked. A boy with red-ish hair and green eyes stood in front of you.

"Raph? How did you-?" 

"Donnie made them." He said, showing you a watch. You were still pretty shocked. "Do it?" He asked. You looked at him and smiled.

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