Tests (Leo x Reader)

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You were coming home from school along your normal route. It was nothing out of the ordinary. You checked your phone and saw that it was getting late. You had to stay after school for some things that you were a part of. You hurried along the sidewalk, but suddenly you were grabbed and yanked into an alley. You yelped and you bag was ripped off of you and you were pinned against the wall. An older man was there. 

"What do we have here?" He asked with an evil grin.

"Let go!" You shouted.

"Make me." He growled. As he was about to punch you he was kicked away by something. You cowered in a ball as the man was chased away. You couldn't see your rescuer because they were in the shadows. You quickly grabbed your stuff and held it close to your body, still shaking in fear. You looked down in front of you. A type of sword was there. It was long and thin with a leather handle. You watched as the person bent over and picked it up. As they did, you saw that it wasn't a human at all! You only saw a large green hand and it was enough to scare you half to death. You ran as fast as you could in terror. Once you got to the building your father worked at, which was also your home, as raced into it and then quickly acted normal so that way his workers would't stare at you. 

You quickly went to the 10 floor which was where your room was. The building was 40 stories high. The entire tenth floor was reserved for you and your father. You walked into the living area from the elevator that was in the long hallway before it. Your father wasn't usually there until later in the night because of his work. He was a scientist that studies animals and strange ones at that. You weren't allowed to go the the 40th floor, because his work up there was secret.

You lazed around for awhile, thinking of what had happened earlier that night. You were very confused and still a little shaken up. What was that thing? WHO was that thing? Why did they save me? You wondered.

Soon enough your father came in and greeted you. Your father wasn't the nicest man in the world, but he took care of you and he did care about you. 

"Hello (Y/n). How was school?" He asked.

"Hi Dad. It was okay." You replied.

"Nothing happened today, did it?" He asked.

"Nah. It's just school. The same old boring routine." You replied.

"Well boring or not you still need to go there." 

"I know Dad." You replied. "So how was work today?" You asked.

"Fantastic! We have a new test subject. We just caught it tonight! Tomorrow, I will have to take you up there to show you." He said.

"To the 40th floor?" You asked, shocked that you could finally go up there. 

"Yes. It is time I let you in on my work. Your 16 now after all." He said. It was true. You had just recently turned 16. You smiled excitedly. You couldn't wait! Tomorrow was Saturday, so you could go up there with him at the normal time he starts work. Your father works everyday, because he enjoys his work. 

Soon enough it was time for bed. You said goodnight to your father before heading to your room. You got yourself ready and then hopped into bed. You covered yourself up and then you turned off your lamp. You relaxed as you soon fell asleep. 

The next day you woke up bright and early. It was later for you since you woke up at 5:30 every morning and it was 7:00 right now, but it was still clarified as early. You got dressed and fixed your messy (h/c) hair. You had breakfast, brushed your teeth, and then you went up to your father. You were ready to go. He smiled at you and then you both walked down the long hall to the elevator.

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