A Note To Love (Leo x Musical!Reader)

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(I love to sing and I just thought....WHY THE HECK NOT?! BE RANDOM! I CAN WHAT I WANT DANG IT! Don't play video yet btw.)

You were sitting on the roof of your apartment building. You did this a lot. It was your way to get away from your drunk father. He always had a beer bottle in hand. It disgusted you, but music was your way to free yourself from his crap. You also danced to it a lot of the time. Soon one of your favorite songs came on. You smiled. You got up and began to sing and dance to it. 

(Play and watch video plz)

When you were done you had a huge smile on your face and you weren't even tired. You suddenly heard something. You quickly paused the song that had started next and looked around. You got slightly nervous. You heard a quick shuffling sound. You whipped around. 

"Who's there?" You said bravely. Nobody responded. You knew they were still there. "Show yourself! Or I'll come over there myself!" You said. You heard a sigh.

"Look, you wouldn't want me to do that." A male voice said. You rolled your eyes.

"And why is that?" You asked.

"You won't like it." They replied.

"Try me." You said.

"Seriously?" They asked.

"Well you're obviously not a threat so what do I care what you look like?" You said. You heard another sigh. 

"Alright, but don't say I did't warn you." They said. They came out and your eyes widened. It was a turtle wearing a blue mask. He had ninja weapons and gear too. He looked like he was waiting for you to freak out, but you smiled.

"Cool." You said. He looked shocked.

"Wait what? You're not afraid?" He asked.

"Well, you aren't throwing beer bottles at me so no, I'm not." You said, thinking of your father. He looked confused.

"Beer bottles?" He asked.

"My dad. I swear there isn't a time where he doesn't have one." You said. He looked sorry for you.

"I'm sorry to hear that." He said. You shrugged.

"I'm used to it honestly." You replied. "But anyway, what's your name?" You asked. He smiled.

"I'm Leonardo. You can call me Leo for short." He said holding out his hand. You smiled.

"I'm (Y/n)! Nice to meet you Leo!" You said shaking his hand. "But why were you watching me?" He looked embarrassed.

"I...heard your singing. You're very good." He complimented. You blushed. Nobody had ever complimented you on it before. 

"Thanks." You said. Suddenly you heard more footsteps. You both looked around. You heard a growl. Leo's eyes widened and he instantly took out his katanas. 

"Stay behind me." He instructed. You nodded. You saw a fish with robotic legs come out with a large dog behind him. You were shocked and confused.

"Who are they?" You asked Leo.

"Dog Pound and Fish Face. They work for the Shredder. Long story short they don't like us." He explained.

"Us?" You asked, but before he could answer the dog, who you assumed was Dog Pound, said,

"Protecting random people now Leonardo? That won't end well in your case. I bet Shredder would love to get his hands on your little friend here." He said. You glared at him. You were stronger than you looked.

"Yes. I bet that'd be very useful to him. You don't mind if we just borrow her do we?" Fish Face said.

"Leave her alone. She has nothing to do with any of this." Leo said.

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