*Request* The Magic in My Heart (Donnie x Magical!Reader)

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You were looking out over the city. You felt a prick of loneliness. People were scared of you because of your magical abilities, so you didn't exactly have any friends. You had devoted your life to protecting the city. Vigilante work wasn't always easy, but at least you could use your magic freely that way. 

You heard something not too far away. You went over to investigate. You were shocked to see alien robots working to move something into a van. You glared at them. You rushed in, your hands bursting to life with (f/c) flames. You burned some of them and used other spells to fight the others. Suddenly you were shocked. You screamed in pain and fell to your knees.

"Kraang, it is an ally of the turtles."

"Kraang can see that, Kraang." 

"Kraang, take the to Kraang base. Find out where the one's called the turtles are." 

"Yes Kraang." You were confused. Turtles? What do they mean? Suddenly you were knocked out.

When you woke up you were chained and in a strange place. You were scared and confused. What's going on!? Where am I!? You wondered, fearful of what was going to happen to you. You saw two robots come in. You glared at them. 

"Let me go!" You yelled.

"Kraang will not do what you have ordered Kraang to do. Kraang demands to know the location of the ones called the turtles."

"I have no idea what you want from me!" You shouted.

"If you will not give Kraang what Kraang wants then Kraang will have to go to extreme measures." 

"I don't have the information you want!" You shouted.

"Kraang, retrieve the shape-shifter." One of the droids left. You glared at the other.

"Why are you doing this!?" You shouted.

"Kraang refuses to give information that you demand from Kraang." Suddenly the other droid came back. You were shocked to see a mutant turtle with him. 

"So, what do you want me to do to her?" He asked. He had a red mask and he looked tough and aggressive. 

"Get her to tell Kraang what Kraang wants to know." The droid said. He grinned at you.

"My pleasure." He growled smugly. The droids left and you were alone with the turtle. "Have you ever seen me before?" He asked.

"No!" You said. He grinned. You were shocked as he punched and kicked you. You shrieked and yelped in pain, your cries filling the room. 

"How about now?" He asked.

"I-I've never s-seen you before in m-my life." You whimpered. He continued to beat you. This went on for a long time. You were badly bruised and bleeding in some places. You were on the verge of blacking out. He rolled his eyes.

"Guess we'll have to continue this tomorrow." He said and left.

*3 months later*

You were shaking and scared. No, you were terrified. 5 more minutes... That voice reminded you. For the same time every single day for the past 3 months you'd been chained up here. You were hardly given food or water and the beatings kept getting worse. It was always by the same four turtles. You didn't know their names or why they were doing this to you, but they showed no mercy. You saw the blue one talking to a droid outside. Tears were already in your eyes. He came in and you screamed,


"Cause that wouldn't be fun, would it?" He kicked you and punched you again and again. You were already on the floor. He unchained you and picked you up. He slammed you into the wall again and again. You screamed in agony. He dropped you and let you lay there for a moment. Then he picked you up. You were dazed and too weak to do anything. He held his katana to your throat. He looked over you.

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