Warriors (Leo x Mutant Dog!Reader)

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"Go go go!" You shouted. Your younger sister, older brother, and two best friends hurried toward the window. You'd all been experimented on by the Kraang. They'd been trying different types of dog DNA on you all. Your sister, (S/n), was now a beautiful Australian Shepherd. Your brother, (B/n) was a Doberman Pinscher. Your friend, Safire, was a Dalmatian. Your other friend, Max, was a German Shepherd. You'd been turned into a Siberian Husky. You all looked very good, but you hadn't wanted this. Nobody would be friendly to mutant dogs. Small children maybe, but nobody else. You all hurried toward the window and smashed it open as you jumped from the tall building. You had stolen some Kraang tech and built flight suits. You used them and flew toward the ground. You were all safe now. You all had silver armor on. You'd been keeping up the fight against the Kraang for 4 months now. You were a regular thorn in their sides. You were 15 years old, but you lead the team. (S/n) was the youngest at 12 years old. (B/n) was 19 years old. Safire was 15 too and Max was 17. You caught your breath and then said,

"Well done everyone. We've delayed them yet again." You said.

"Dogs rule!" You all cheered. You all hurried to get home. Suddenly you heard something. You barked and the others stopped. You all quickly sniffed the air.

"Enemies, no doubt." (B/n) confirmed. You all drew your swords. You'd built them with the Kraang tech so they were far better then a human made sword. You heard something on the roof above you. 

"Psst!" You said. They looked at you. You nodded toward the roof. You all quickly climbed the wall with your armored claws. You all leaped onto the roof and looked around. You knew they were there. "Show yourselves!" You barked. 

"Whoa...more mutants!" You heard a voice say. You all turned toward it and saw an orange masked turtle. You sighed. 

"Team, weapons away." You ordered. You all put your weapons away and you saw three other turtles come out after him. One wearing a blue mask stepped up.

"Who are you?" He asked bravely.

"We call ourselves Team Howl. Now who are you?" You asked back, standing tall and proud. 

"My name is Leonardo. This is my team." He said.

"Do you work for anyone?" You asked.

"No." He replied. "Do you?" He asked.

"Ha!" You laughed. "Never." You said with a grin. 

"Then why exactly do you all have weapons. They look like they were built by the Kraang." One in a red mask said. 

"We stole materials to build them. The Kraang did this to us. We would never fight for them." You growled. 

"It seems we are fighting for the same cause then." Leonardo said.

"Indeed." You replied. You gave him a smile. "I guess introductions are in order." You said.

"(B/n)!" You said. He stepped forward. "This is (B/n). He is our strongest fighter and might I add has a bit of a temper." You said. He chuckled at your comment. 

"Got that right. My bark is worse than my bite, but don't take my bite for granted." He said. His voice was deep ever since he'd been mutated. 

"Safire!" You called. She stepped forward. "Safire is our tech girl. She is great with it and frankly I've seen the Kraang trying to figure out some of her things." You said.

"Built the suits and weapons myself." She said proudly. 

"Max!" You said. He stepped up after her. "Max is our tracker. He's our third best fighter and second fastest." You said.

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