*Request* Number One Fan (Mikey x Famous!Reader)

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You kept your hat tilted down, covering your face in shadows. You hair was back in a pony tail and you were wearing a big baggy sweatshirt with jeans and boots. You didn't want a mob following you. You were a famous singer and you lived in New York. You didn't travel around the world all the time. You liked staying put. On special occasions you'd travel and do concerts, but you weren't big on tours. You were more a sit at home or in a recording booth and make an entire album in one day. You were known for making albums in just a few days. You were a fast worker. 

You walked into the store and started looking for some new headphones. Once you'd found the best ones you walked up to the lady at the register and placed them on the counter.

"Wow. Shopping big today aren't we?" She asked. She was a teenager, just like you. Yes, you were only 16 and your career was already skyrocketing. That was another reason why you were so well known. The main reasons were your angelic voice, your hard working production, your multiple language knowledge, and your young age. You knew two other languages other than English. You gave her a smile.

"I always buy the best quality." You said.

"Always? You're parents rich or something?" She asked.

"No, but...it's a long story." You said, not wanting her to know you were a singer. You quickly grabbed your things and called a thank you as you left the store. You hurried home and closed the door. You lived alone and had to school yourself online. You had gone to public school, but when you became famous everyone in the school was all over you. Whether that be boys hitting on you, girls or guys wanting your autograph, people wanting to hang out with you to look cool, or guys trying to do....unacceptable things to you, you didn't care. You hated all of it. You liked having friends, but when fans got like that you would much rather be on your own. You went online and just looked around for awhile. Suddenly, you got a friend request. You looked at it. It was from a person named 'PizzaNinja16'. You chuckled. It was a cute name. You accepted their friend request.

Later that day you went out in disguise again. You were going to a local food place. It was run by an old blind man named Murakami. As you headed there you saw that it was closed.

"This is my chance to eat in peace!" You thought. You went around back and knocked on the door.

"Hello? April is that you?" He asked. 

"Um...no sir. My name's (Y/n) (L/n). Is it okay if I come in and have something? I never get to eat in peace thanks to being a teenage celebrity." You said.

"Um..I'm sorry miss, but we're closed." He said.

"Mr. Murakami, your place usually doesn't close at this time. Why are you closed now?" You asked. He sighed.

"I suppose I can let you in, but you mustn't tell anyone about what you are going to see." He said.

"Trust me, I'm good at keeping secrets." You said. He nodded. 

"And please remain calm. They are my friends. They have saved my life before and they are good souls." He said.

"I promise." You said. He smiled and let you in. 

"Wait here while I alert them." He said. You nodded and waited. You heard other voices, but you couldn't make out what they were saying. Soon, he came back.

"I have spoken with them. They are a little unsure of you, but Leonardo finally agreed to let you come."


"Yes. You will see." He replied. You followed him in and your eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. There was four mutant turtles there! Three of them were glaring at you, but the one in an orange mask waved while stuffing his face with food. You waved back.

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