Thrill Seaker (Mikey x Daredevil!Reader)

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(You can listen to the music throughout the chapter. It helps set the feel for it all.)

"WOOO HOOO!" You sped off at top speed on your motorcycle. You had one of the fastest. You had 'accidentally' ticked off the Purple Dragons by setting their van on fire. You were a vigilante, but you did it the FUN way! 

You quickly zoomed to your apartment building. You parked your motorcycle in a special reserved garage so those purple goons would never find it, or you. Your friend's father owned the building, so you only paid part of the rent for way better service. You paid him more than what you had to pay at times to help even it out. You were still a generous person...when you had the money at least. You had enough money though, so it wasn't an issue. 

You worked at a place called Mr. Murukami's. He was a nice man and he paid you plenty. You couldn't complain. Sure, there was better, but you were perfectly happy settling with the okay set up. 

You walked into your apartment and headed to your room. You opened the door and took off your helmet and your gear. You put it all away neatly and fell back onto your bed with a smile. You were known as the Nightrider throughout the city. It was what people called you since nobody knew who you were. It was your vigilante name. You didn't mind it.

You relaxed for a bit and then you got up to get something to eat. You turned on the TV and the first thing that popped up was the News. You grinned as the story with you came on. 

Mikey's POV

"We interrupt this program to bring important news. Another incident that has been proven to involve the vigilante known as 'Nightrider' has been reported. The Purple Dragons were caught running from the police on foot after the Nightrider set fire to their getaway van. The Nightrider sped off at intense high speeds while the Purple Dragons were caught and brought into custody." I was interested in this dude. The Nightrider seemed AWESOME! The others saw them as dangerous. I mean...yeah they were being kinda reckless, but they were doing it for the greater good at least! 

I heard Leo growl angrily behind me. Raph and Donnie were there too.

"This psycho needs to be stopped!" Leo said.

"But how in the world are we going to catch this crazy freak?!" Raph said.

"We have to keep an eye out. We will catch them." Leo said. I got up and left. I went to my room and relaxed. I sighed. They didn't understand. I could see who they really were. They wanted to do justice their way. They just couldn't see that.

*3 days later*

I went skateboarding by myself. I had fun, but suddenly I saw someone ramp on a motorcycle. 

"YEAH!!!!" They yelled. They landed and sped off. I caught a glimpse of them though. I knew who that was. The Nightrider! I had to catch up to them. I hurried after them. I saw cop cars cut them off. They did a sharp turn and raced forward. I saw more cop cars following them. I was shocked. They kept doing sharp turns, but they as soon as they'd lost the cops, they hit something in the road and they did 4 front flips before flipping and doing barrel roles. The person was caught up in all of this. There was a hug crash and I was shocked. They were trapped under it! 

I raced over and helped they out. I saw blood coming threw their suit. I took off the cracked helmet. I was shocked. It was a young girl. She looked about 16 and her head was bleeding. I was scared. I heard the cop cars coming. I had to do something. I had a choice. Leave her and escape, or take her, slow myself down, and risk getting caught. I picked her up and bolted at full speed. I made it away from the scene without getting caught. I quickly took her home. 

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