*Request* Powerful (Donnie x Telekinetic!Reader)

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You woke up in a Kraang cell. You gasped. How did I get here!? You thought, afraid. Your head was pounding. You groaned, rubbing the back of it. It was then your remembered what had happened.


"Come on! Let's get out of here before more droids show up!" Leo ordered. You all hurried to escape. As you ran you heard more droids coming. You stopped as they cut you off. You were in a secret Kraang controlled base. You fought them bravely, but then you were hit on the head by a biotroid. You collapsed. Everything grew blurry.

"(Y/N)!!" Donnie yelled. You saw him get hit and you heard a droid talking while standing over you.

"Kraang, bring the one that is known as (Y/n) to Kraang lab 108. Kraang must use the one known as (Y/n) to attempt replication of April O'neil's DNA." You felt something pick you up and you heard the guys screaming your name as you blacked out and were carried off.

*End flashback*

"Grr...great. Now how am I going to get out of here?" You wondered. Suddenly, droids came into your cell.

"The one known as (Y/n) will come with Kraang that which is known as now." One said. You glared at them. You got up and they escorted you away. You were forced into a lab. They grabbed you and you struggled. 

"Let go of me you pink blobs!" You shouted. They strapped you down on a table. You tried to break free, but it was no use. "What do you want from me?!" You shouted.

"Kraang does not have to explain Kraang's plans to the one known as (Y/n)." A droid said. You glared at it. Suddenly a large needle on a big device was aimed directly at the center of your forehead.

"What are you doing!?" You shouted.

"Kraang will proceed to inject the special formula into the one known as (Y/n)." The first droid said to the one at the control panel. 

"Yes Kraang." The second replied. You were shocked as it began to come down.

"Wait! Stop!" You yelled.

"Kraang, do not hesitate to proceed." The first droid said.

"STOP IT!!" You screamed, and then came the agonizing pain. "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

Donnie's POV

We broke into the Kraang base. We had to find (Y/n) and get her out of here. First, we had to find her. We hurried to where the cells were. We scanned all of them, but turned up with nothing. Then, we heard a piercing scream.


"That's her!" I said.

"Come on!" Leo ordered. We hurried onward. Kraang droids soon found us.

"Donnie, get to (Y/n)! We'll hold them off!" Leo said. 

"Right!" I said. I hurried onward as my brothers fought the Kraang droids. I followed her cries and soon I busted into the lab. The machine had just pulled up. I quickly took down the droids and broke her out of there. She fell into my arms. "(Y/n)? Can you here me?" I asked. Her eyes opened and she gave me a tiny smile. I smiled back. "I'm gonna get you out of here okay? Just hang on." I said. She cuddled up to me in my arms, her hand gently gripping the strap for my staff on my gear. I quickly hurried out of there and I found the others soon enough. Droids were hot on my tail. 

"RUN!" Leo shouted. We took off at full speed. There were droids blocking our exit. Raph charged forward yelling a battle cry. Him smashed into them and they fell over quickly Leo sliced a few and Mikey kicked one back as we ran through the ones left standing. We quickly got to the Shellraiser and Leo drove off at top speed. I held her in my arms, hoping she was alright.

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