*Request* Deadly Kiss (Raph x Reader)

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Run, it's all I've ever known. Freedom, it's all I've ever wanted. Violence, it's all I've ever been given. Love, it's all I've ever longed for....., but with a kiss that can kill with barely even a graze......., how can I ever love someone?

At birth you were born with a horrid curse. Anyone, be it man or woman, who kissed you on the lips would die. Only your so called 'soulmate' could survive the kiss. You had met many people, but you were too afraid to try to get involved with anyone. You would kill them. You knew that it was almost impossible to find that one person. You had given up a long time ago. You were a distant girl. Anytime someone showed interest you would do everything in your power to change there mind. 

You lived by yourself. Supporting yourself at 16 wasn't easy, but you managed. You had some friends though. They weren't exactly normal, but that's how you liked them. The turtles were the perfect friends. You enjoyed their company. 

You headed down to the lair and the guys greeted you. You smiled and waved, saying hello back. Mikey instantly challenged you to a game of Mario Kart. You grinned and hurried over. The boys were doing a game night by the looks of it. Everyone was gathered around the TV. You joined in and you all took turns playing for hours. You had been up against Raph a few times, and you'd won. He didn't seem angry at you though. In fact, he said you had some good strategies. You had been pretty surprised by this since Raph wasn't one to compliment the person who beat him.

When you were all done, you all headed to the kitchen to have some pizza. You all ate and laughed together. Soon it was time for bed. You didn't want to walk home so you asked if you could stay the night. They gladly agreed.

"Hey! I have an awesome idea!" Mikey said.

"What?" Leo asked.

"We can have an all night movie fest!" He said. His brothers smiled.

"Sounds great!" Leo said.

"I'm in!" Donnie added.

"Sure, I'm up for it." Raph agreed.

"Let's do it!" You cheered. You all got pillows and snacks and Mikey and Leo worked to pick out some movies. You and Raph were in the kitchen getting the snacks.

"So, uh, first time you've stayed overnight." He said.

"Yeah." You said, wondering why he was bringing it up.

"I..I just wanted to say that if you need somewhere to sleep if you get too tired, you can stay with me." He said. You were shocked, but you didn't let it show.

"Thanks Raph." You said.

"Y-yeah, heh. Don't mention it." He said with a small smile. You were confused. Why is he acting so weird? You wondered. You both headed out and you all got settled. Leo put in the movie and then you all got comfortable and watched it together. They had decided on Narnia. You honestly loved the movie. It was really good. You all watched it together. About 20 minutes in, Raph had his arm around you. You looked at him confused, but his eyes were locked on the TV with a plain expression. None of his brothers noticed, but you had both been blushing a little. You mentally slapped yourself. No! Bad (Y/n)! You can NOT have feelings for him! You know what will happen! Suddenly, his grip tightened, pulling you closer to him. You blushed. A tiny smile crept onto your lips. You shut your eyes tight. Stop it! STOP IT! You screamed at yourself. Wait....why is he doing this? Does he...like me? You felt your heart flutter at the thought for two reasons. Each reason was raging an all out war with the other. Reason one was you were flattered and you honestly liked it. Reason two, if you let him get to close, you could kill him. His brothers would never forgive you and he'd probably hate you in the after life. You had to get out of there. You wriggled free and quickly said,

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