Nicknames (Mikey x Reader)

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You skipped through the sewers with a smile. You couldn't wait to see Mikey. He was your favorite turtle and your best friend. What made seeing him so fun was that he was always the silliest, cutest, and the most positive. Yeah he had his angry, afraid, and sad moments, but he could still bounce back. The best part was the nicknames he'd given you. You'd given him a couple too. You rehearsed every name in his book that he called you. Dudette, crazy, bestie, pizza queen (with him as the king), prank mistress, gamer girl, sweets, and the most creative one, (N/n). 

You walked into the lair with a smile. Mikey spotted you first. His eyes instantly lit up. 

"(Y/n)!" He hurried over and hugged you. "It's been a week! I was beginning to think you weren't coming back dudette!" He said. You chuckled.

"Me? Stay away from you guys? Never Mikester!" You said. He smiled.

"Bet I can beat you at Mario Kart gamer girl." He teased. You gave him a challenging grin.

"Yeah right slow shell!" You broke out of his hug and you both raced over to the TV to play. You got the controller first, so you were player 1. Mikey grabbed his own swiftly and Raph rolled his eyes at you two and went back to reading. You both raced into the game, literally. You won at lot of the rounds, and Mikey won a bunch too. It came down the the final face off. You both were trying as hard as you could the entire race. The 1st place label kept switching between you both. You were neck and neck. Then you got a red shell. You let Mikey pass and then you threw it. Hit spun out and you raced by. You crossed the finish line in first. Mikey let out a distressed wail and you jumped up victoriously with your hands in the air.

"Told you Mikester! Gamer queen for the win!" You said.

"Well, the pizza is still mine if I get there first!" He called. You bolted after him. You ran right into him and he shrieked as you both toppled over. You laughed. Mikey didn't move. It was then your realized you were on top of him and your bodies were pressed together very closely. You blushed too. You scrambled off of him and onto your feet. He stood up, but you were too embarrassed to face him. 

"I-I'm sorry. I-I wasn't thinking." You said. He smiled.

"It's cool dudette. You still wanna piece pizza queen?" He asked. You smiled.

"With your permission pizza king, yes. I would like a piece." You said. He chuckled. You both had some slices and then you both just talked for hours and hours. You didn't even talk about important things. You talked about anything and everything. You both loved every second you spent together. 

Sadly, you had to go home eventually. You said goodbye to him and you both hugged. Mikey hugged you tightly.

"You'll be back soon right (Y/n)?" He asked.

"Wouldn't dream of anything else Mikey." You replied. With that, you both let go and you turned and left the lair. You sighed. You didn't want to go, and he sounded so sad that you were leaving. Still, you forced your legs to move and you made your way to the surface and then to your house. As you had a great idea. You broke into a run. You had a plan and it was time to put it into action.

Mikey's POV

I sighed as she left. I went to my room. I collapsed on my bed and I grabbed a note book I had...borrowed...from Donnie. I began to write down what she'd called me today. Every name she'd used. Pizza king, Mikester, slow shell, silly, freckles, turtle toes, and ninja boy. I loved it when she called me names. They weren't mean, and even if she called me dummy I knew it was playful. She'd done it before when I'd forgotten something, but that smile told me it was just teasing. I sighed with a smile. She was just so amazing. I wanted to call her so many other things, but I couldn't. She wasn't my girl. I frowned. She'll never be my girl. I thought. I sighed again. I put the notepad away and I covered up with my blanket. I was out like a light after a few minutes.

*The next day*

I was playing games on my phone when I got a text from her. 

(Y/n): 'My house. Tomorrow night. 9:00 p.m. sharp. Better not be late slow shell.' I was stunned, but I was excited. I knew where she lived, but I had never been allowed inside. 

Me: 'Bedroom window?'

(Y/n): 'Bedroom window. See ya then.' I smiled. It was a surprise, but that made it even better. I couldn't wait for tomorrow night.

Your POV

You: 'Bedroom window. See ya then.' You grinned. It was done. No turning back. You were going to have a night all to yourselves. Mikey had never been inside your house, but he'd walked you home a few times, so he knew where you lived. You were going to have a party with him. You wanted to have fun and you wanted him around. You could hardly wait for tomorrow.

*Tomorrow night: 8:58 p.m.*

You waited for him. He'd be there soon. You couldn't wait to surprise him with a fun game, movie, pizza, soda, and snacks marathon night! Two minutes later there was a tapping on your window. You smiled. You hurried over and opened it for him. He climbed in, nearly tripping as he did. You helped steady him and he blushed with an embarrassed smile.

"Sorry." He said.

"No problem!" You replied. "Welcome to my place Mikey! I worked some magic and the place is all ours tonight!" He looked super happy and excited.

"REALLY!?" He exclaimed.

"Really really! Let's go have some fun!" You pulled him down the stairs. You both hurried to the kitchen. You pulled out a pizza and he smiled happily. You both ate and laughed together and then you got a few drinks and went to the couch. You started a random movie while finishing your drinks. After that, you turned on your gaming console and handed Mikey a controller. 

"(Y/n), you're the greatest friend ever!" He said, hugging you tightly. You smiled.

"Can't be better than you Mikester!" You said. He smiled.

"Thanks. Now let's do this my awesome gamer girl!" He said.

"Agreed!" You said. You both played tons of different games for HOURS! Some were teamwork games and other were games where you'd fight each other to the death! You loved every minute.  After that you both watched movies while having snacks. Then you got an idea. You flicked a piece of popcorn at him. He looked over at you. You snorted, trying not to laugh out loud. He grinned at you.

"You wanna play that game!?" He shouted playfully. He threw a handful at you. It got stuck in your hair. He laughed his shell off at how silly you looked. You cleaned it out of your hair and you set your bowl on the floor. You cracked your knuckles. Mikey stopped laughing. "Uh...(Y-Y/n)?" He asked nervously. You launched at him. You both wrestled laughing hard. You tumbled onto the floor still trying to pin each other. You tickled him. He burst out laughing. You were able to pin him. 

"Ha! I win!" You said.

"Darn it! Guess you got me this time baby!" You froze. What did he just call me? 

" just called me baby." He froze, blushing like no tomorrow.

"I-I-I...I-I d-did?" You nodded. He looked nervous and upset with himself. He scrambled out from underneath you. "I-I'm sorry, I don't know why I said that." He said. You knew he was lying. He had a reason for saying that.

"Mikey, don't try to fool me. You have a reason for saying that don't you?" He stayed silent, refusing to meet your gaze. You sighed. You walked over, having a pretty good guess why he called you that. You tilted his chin up with your hand and kissed him. He looked bewildered by this. You pulled back, leaving him to stare with his jaw dropped in shock. "I love you too Mikey." He smiled, happier than ever. He kissed you, hugging you strongly. You kissed back with a small smile. When it broke he asked,

"So, is it okay if I call you mine, baby?" You giggled.

"As long as I can say that you're mine also, my prince." He smiled.

"I wouldn't want anything else."

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