Speeding into My Heart (Donnie x Mutant Cheetah!Reader)

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You dashed from roof to roof, your golden body a blur from running so fast. You ran on all fours, but you could walk on two legs. Ever since your mutation your cheetah skills had been insanely improved. You quick 70 mph dashes turned into long 100 mph runs. You didn't get tired as fast and you could go for much longer distances without overheating. Other skills you had gained were being able to use weapons and talk. You were a lot stronger and you were even smarter than before. You had been in a zoo when some mutagen had fallen out of the sky and landed on you. You'd broken out that night and run away. Now you were free and you knew a lot about what was going on in the city. The Kraang were the creators of the mutagen and they wanted to mutate the Earth. You had promised to yourself that you would stop them any way you could.

You leaped 20 feet onto the next building and stopped. You had run half way across the city by now. You stood up, panting a little. You smiled. You looked out over the city, breathing in the cool night air. Suddenly you heard what sounded like fighting. You sped toward it and paused. You saw four mutant turtle fighting ninja robots below you on the roof next door. You saw that they all had ninja weapons and were wearing masks. Suddenly the one in a purple mask was hit. His arm had a cut and he was knocked down. The other three were too wrapped up in their own fights to notice he was down. You gasped. With a powerful leap, you soared over the gap between the two roofs and tackled the bot that was about to attack him. You snapped your jaws shut around it's neck and bit the head off. He stared at you in shock. You nodded to him and then dashed around, annihilating the other bots. 

Once they were all down the four turtles just stared at you in shock. You stood up on two legs and chuckled.

"What? Never seen a mutant cheetah before?" You asked.

"Uh..NO!" The red masked turtle said. You laughed.

"Sorry if I scared you. My name's (Y/n), vigilante at your service." You said. The orange masked turtle smiled.

"Dude, she's awesome!" He said. You smiled.

"Thank you! Now, what are your names?" You asked.

"I'm Michelangelo! You can call me Mikey, dudette!" He said. You nodded.

"I'm Donatello. Donnie for short. Um..thanks for saving me." The purple masked turtle said. You smiled.

"Sure thing!" You said.

"Name's Raphael, or Raph." The red masked turtle told you.

"I'm Leonardo. You can call me Leo." The blue turtle said. You nodded.

"Nice to meet you guys!" You said. "Hey, um...I don't wanna be rude or anything, but do you guys have anything to eat. I haven't had food in a few days." You said.

"A few days!? Leo, we have to get her home! She needs some pizza!" Mikey said.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to let her have a few slices." Leo said.

"Sweet! Follow us (Y/n)!" Mikey said. You followed them at a much slower pace than you were used to. You soon made it to the sewers. You walked alongside them as you followed thm to their home. When you got there you looked around with a smile.

"Whoa! Nice place!" You said. 

"Yeah! It's pretty great for down here!" Mikey said. You smiled. You followed them to the kitchen. Mikey gave you some left over pizza and you ate it quickly.

"Thanks guys! I really appreciate your help!" You said.

"Well it's the least we can do in return for your help." Donnie said.

"Do you have a home (Y/n)?" Mikey asked.

"Eh, I stay in an abandoned factory up top." You said.

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