TMNT x Reader One-shots (ON HOLD) by spiritwing13
TMNT x Reader One-shots (ON HOLD)by Spiritwing13
No matter who you are, you have a special place in all of our beautiful boys hearts. You have everything from fluff to all out wars beside our team of four. You are (Y/n...
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  • drama
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TMNT OneShots {TMNTxReader} by BlueToxicAndi
TMNT OneShots {TMNTxReader}by BlueToxicAndi
Oneshots with your favorite turtle or turtles or them being your overprotective older brothers or you being their daughter.
  • turtlesxreader
  • tmntreadersister
  • turtlessister
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TMNT Mikey x Reader by hjaramillo
TMNT Mikey x Readerby Helen
You're regular teenage girl who's starting her first year in high school by moving to New York city, home of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with your big brother or s...
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More Tmnt x Reader Oneshots (REQUESTS CLOSED)  by Raphewel122
More Tmnt x Reader Oneshots (REQUE...by Anime Fangirl
Book 2 of my tmnt x reader oneshots. My first one was so popular with overflowing requests that I just had to make another for you all!
  • splinter
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hawkins, indiana ► wheeler by -cherrycoIa
hawkins, indiana ► wheelerby yeet
"well, you're an idiot mike wheeler" [ a mike wheeler + reader story; stranger things ] [ mild language; minimal sexual content ] [ ©2017 ]
  • mike
  • strangerthings
  • eleven
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Broken Hearts by Raphewel122
Broken Heartsby Anime Fangirl
(Cover made by TmntGirl2005) (Y/n) is a lovely outgoing girl. But her happy life ends there. Her family hate her. Her mother died when she was young and was replaced wit...
  • leonardo
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  • raphael
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Mike Wheeler x Reader by Silverwing626
Mike Wheeler x Readerby Cait14
For all you Stranger Things fans ;)
  • terriblefanfiction
  • lucas
  • mikexreader
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Until Dawn ~ Mike X Reader by earthqueer
Until Dawn ~ Mike X Readerby starqueer
You and Mike are close friends, but will your friendship change for the better after the terrible trip to the lodge?
  • wendigo
  • horror
  • untildawn
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I'm Not Alone || Mike X OC  by _ShadowBolt_
I'm Not Alone || Mike X OC by Shadow Bolt
[Mike XReader] Welcome to A brand new season with a brand new cast! Sky has MPD and will be replacing Zoey in Revenge of the Island. Sky has a vary heart breaking past a...
  • totaldrama
  • wattys2018
  • mikexreader
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What's a (Y/n)? by EternalKimFlame
What's a (Y/n)?by GalaxyChildKix
(Y/n), Just a normal life in a normal city, but when she gets lost on her way home she finds a cave that connects with the sewers. Suddenly there's a flash of green and...
  • donateloxreader
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TMNT Donatello & Michelangelo Boyfriend Scenarios by BlueToxicAndi
TMNT Donatello & Michelangelo Boyf...by BlueToxicAndi
Donnie AND Mikey are BOTH your Boyfriends
  • donniexreader
  • donxreader
  • donnieandmikeyboyfriendscenarios
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TMNT boyfriend scenarios by gumnny
TMNT boyfriend scenariosby Erased
I don't even know what this is anymore guys
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  • teenagemutantninjaturtle
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Uncontrollable Love- FNAF X READER  by _fandomfreakshow_
Uncontrollable Love- FNAF X READER by _FandomFreakshow_
HIGHEST RANK- 6 (Y/N), the new volunteer for the nightshift, and mechanic, takes the job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The animatronics, along with Mike, his boss, and Vin...
  • bonnie
  • mikexreader
  • foxyxreader
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Fnaf Security Guard Lemons by 7thGradeSuperStar
Fnaf Security Guard Lemonsby ScottcentTrash
Bleh read the title
  • securityguardsmut
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FNAF Guards X Reader One-Shots by starrdustix
FNAF Guards X Reader One-Shotsby It's ya boy, Tyler
If you want something done, do it yourself. That's is why I'm making this. None of the one-shots are explicitly NSFW, so it's safe if you're not into that kind of stuff...
  • purpleguyxreader
  • phoneguy
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TMNT 2012: Reader's Journey of Love and Adventure by ERWritings
TMNT 2012: Reader's Journey of Lov...by Erisah Rogue
So I thought of this cool story idea, and then I decided to turn it into a reader insert love story. In this story all of the turtles fall for the reader. (Reader is Shy...
  • tmnt
  • reader-insert
  • mikeyxreader
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Mikey x Reader (TMNT) [WAS UNDER HUGE RENOVATION... but too lazy to do it] by 06mustardseedofadog
Mikey x Reader (TMNT) [WAS UNDER H...by Maddie Rose Corral
Would you like to make decisions as the reader and how to maintain a relationship with Mikey? *This story will be based off of the 2012 series of TMNT... *Welcome who ac...
  • romance
  • scenarios
  • love
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Life Savor (Mike Wheeler x Depressed! Suicidal! reader) by HeavenHyakuya
Life Savor (Mike Wheeler x Depress...by HevzHalloweenFun
(Y/n) is friends with Mike and the gang but is also dating Troy. She never thought highly of herself and was always depressed. Sometimes she'd even try to kill herself b...
  • lifesavor
  • mikexdepressed
  • reader
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Cherry red lips (Mike wheeler x reader )[✔] by XStrangerJessieX
Cherry red lips (Mike wheeler x re...by 𝒥𝑒𝓃𝓃𝓎
" I'M FROM THE LAB OKAY.." "What.." "Don't hate me, I'm a freak.." Y/n transfers over to Hawkins high school and meets mike wheeler and the...
  • xreader
  • max
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FNAF x Reader by ArrixPixels
FNAF x Readerby Esuroi
[Y/N] was just fired from her last job and is desperate to find another. Being alone in her apartment was never any fun so she distracted herself with work. Looking thr...
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