*Request* Purrfect for Me (Raph x Hybrid Neko!Reader)

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(That is how you look

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(That is how you look. Eye color depends on you. You have a full on cat form and a human form btw.)

You were in your cat form trudging through the sewers. Ever since you'd been abandoned by your owner you'd been living anywhere you could. Your fur was filthy and clotted with mud. You were cold and shivering too. Trying to clean your pelt with your tongue would make you gag, so that wasn't an option. You were starving too. It'd been days since you'd had food and clean water. You suddenly heard something. Your ears pricked and you looked around. Your heart started beating faster. Suddenly you heard a growl. You turned and spotted the outline of a huge dog in the shadows of a tunnel. It came out and you saw that it was a stray Doberman Pinscher. You knew a dog like that could maul you in 15 seconds flat. You bolted for it and it chased after you, barking viciously. You glanced back and saw it's snapping jaws were only a foot away from you. You pelted onward trying to stay ahead of it. 

As you ran you took quick turns in an attempt to lose it. Soon enough the barking faded and you sighed in relief. You were dead tired now. You pushed forward. Suddenly you slipped and fell into a mini stream of sewer water. You yowled in terror. You tried to swim to the side. You kept yowling in distress, but nobody came to your rescue. You paddled with all your might to get to the edge. 

By sheer luck you were able to haul yourself onto the cement. You were drenched now and you couldn't take another step. You collapsed, panting hard. Your vision was extremely blurry and your fur clung to your skinny body, making you feel like it was made of mud and gunk. You heard footsteps. They quickened as they came closer to you. Suddenly, you were scooped off the ground and carried away. You passed out along the way to wherever you were going.

Raph's POV

I heard what sounded like an animal screaming. I had been coming home from patrol when I'd heard the noise. I hurried toward it and I saw what looked like a young cat on the ground next to a mini stream. I picked her up and carried her home. When I got back I took her to my room. I set her down on Spike's old pillow. I went to get a warm washcloth. I came back and cleaned her up. I'd feed her when she woke up. She was in pretty rough shape. I hoped she'd be alright.

Your POV

*The next day*

You blinked open your eyes and you saw that you were in a bedroom. You were on a soft pillow and your fur was clean and dry. You looked around and then you saw something that surprised you. On the bed was a mutant turtle. He had a red mask and emerald green eyes. He was reading some type of comic book. You meowed and his eyes looked toward you. He set down the comic and sat up.

"You're up already?" He said. He walked over to you and picked you up. You let out a little meow as he held you like a baby in his arms. He smiled.

"Heh, you're pretty cute." He said. You stared at him. If you were in your human form, you would've been blushing 50 shades of red. He booped your noise and you felt a tickle. It twitched and then you let out a small sneeze. He chuckled. "Aw~" He said. "You're just a little kitten after all." He said. Then he paused. "Kitten....that's a good name for you right?" He asked. You smiled.

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