Stay with Me (Leo x Suicidal!Reader)

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(WARNING! Suicide and depression triggers! Also, don't play the video yet.)

You walked into the lair, hoping that the guys would make you happier. They always seemed to make you smile. You loved them all, but there was only one person that made your heart sing, even if it was for just a few moments. That person, or rather that turtle, was Leonardo. He was strong, brave, and selfless. He was perfect in your eyes. He was the person you wished you could be, but couldn't.

You entered the lair and Mikey instantly spotted you and yelled,

"(Y/N)! YOU'RE BACK!" He ran up to you and gave you a bone crushing hug.

"M-Mikey! N-need air!" You coughed. He let go.

"Whoops. Sorry." He said. You flashed him a smile.

"It's alright." You said. Leo came over and you instantly smiled a little. "Hey Leo." You greeted.

"Hey (Y/n). Good to see you again." He said with a smile. "You wanna go train?" He asked. You nodded. You followed him to the dojo. You both did hand to hand combat. You and Leo fought each other, but you felt the darkness inside you grow worse in an instant. Leo knocked you down and you hit the floor hard. He looked surprised. "Are you okay?" He asked worriedly. You got up and nodded.

"Sorry. I was just...distracted." You muttered. He frowned.

"Do you wanna go relax?" He asked. You nodded. He walked you out and you sat down together on the couch. You both watched TV together for a long time. You enjoyed the quiet and calm. It was comforting.

You had to go home awhile later. Leo offered to walk you home and you accepted. You both walked through the sewers together. You felt him hold your hand. You blushed a little. He glanced over and saw you blushing. He smiled a little. Once you made it to the surface you both parted.

"See you soon, okay?" He said.

"See you soon Leo." You replied. You saw him go back down and then you walked home. You walked into your house and you were instantly greeted by the sounds of your parents yelling at each other.

"You don't do anything for her or me! You only care about yourself!"

"Oh, I don't care?! Look in the mirror you stupid woman! I go and work until my back is broken and what do you do?! You stay here doing NOTHING, but dusting the precious tea cup collection of yours!"

"I'm trying to keep this house clean and make our daughter happy!"

"Well look at your daughter now! She always looks so happy!" 

"I do more for her than you do!"

"I get the money to put food on the table and give her a good home and good clothes, you just hover around her wanting her to open up to you!"

"At least it shows I care!" You walked through the house, not even flinching at the yelling. You were hardly listening. It was always something. You walked right past the living room where they were yelling and up the stairs to your room. You closed the door and fell back onto your bed. Salty tears rolled down your face as you laid there. You hated this world. You could barely even keep up with anything anymore. You had been slacking in school, training, and you had hardly eaten and slept for the longest time. All you did was lay in your room. You knew a few people in the underbelly of New York. You began to wonder if anyone would notice if you just...left. You looked over at your phone. You picked it up and called Ray. 

"*Ring*....*ring*...*ring-click* Hey (Y/n). What do you need this time?" He asked. His voice sounded evil and poisonous, but that was okay with you. You knew how dark of a person he was. He had paid you not to rat his illegal business out to the authorities. 

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