Pure Heart (Raph x Shy!Reader part 2)

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You had been living with the turtles, April, and Casey for 3 weeks now. You often trained with them and you were actually very good. You often won against Mikey, Donnie, and Casey. April and Raph were sometimes a challenge. Leo trained with you all sometimes. His leg was injured still so it was harder for him. You were comfortable with them, but you felt safer with Raph. He as strong and fierce. You admired his fighting spirit. He seemed to be the protective type too. 

You were training with the guys again. Leo wanted to face off against you. You weren't sure about this. You fought him, dodging his punches. You grabbed his arm and flipped him when his went for your head. He rolled and quickly got back on his feet. You both fought each other until Leo suddenly swung his arm forward, throwing you backwards. You crashed on the ground and you felt pain as you laid there. Leo was shocked. The others saw and they all hurried over. 

"(Y/n)! Are you okay!?" Leo asked worriedly.

"Ow..." You whimpered as Raph picked you up. While you were strong, fast, and a great fighter, you were also frail. 

"I'm sorry!" Leo said. 

"You didn't mean to bro. It's alright. I'll take care of her." Raph said. He nodded and Raph took you inside. He cleaned you up since you'd gotten dirty from rolling on the ground. As he washed some dirt off your face with a wash cloth Raph said,

"I guess you couldn't really prevent that. He attacked you from your blind side." He said. You looked at him. You trusted him with your secret. 

"Actually that's not true." You said quietly.

"What? What do you mean?" He asked.

"I'm not blind. It just looks like I am. I got lucky." You replied. He looked shocked.

"Really? Why didn't you tell us?"

"I use it as a surprise. They think I'm blind, but I'm not." You said. He chuckled.

"That's pretty smart. You know, you're pretty cool (Y/n)." He said.

"Really?" You asked.

"Yeah. I'm glad I met you. You're...really nice." He said. You smiled.

"You too." You replied. He smiled at you. You stared into his green eyes. He stared right back. Suddenly Mikey burst through the door. You yelped, latching onto Raph. Mikey spotted you both and an evil grin formed on his lips.

"Am I bothering you two?" He asked.

"No! This is not what it looks like!" Raph snapped, pushing you off. You ducked your head, blushing insanely. 

"Aw~ How cute! You two are adorable~!" He cooed. Raph growled angrily and chased after him. Mikey yelped and ran.  You watched as he disappeared. You then went and got your bow and arrows. You left and went into the woods like you did everyday. You trained on your own as well. Raph had told you the story of how they were mutated in New York and the story of the Kraang as well. He told you about Shredder and his men and their father, Splinter, who had been struck down by the evil man. He told you about Leo as well and what happened to him. You were going to fight with them. 

You made it there and soon you began shooting your arrows expertly. You were proud of yourself. Suddenly you heard growling. You turned and froze in terror. You saw a wolf. This wolf wasn't just any wolf though. It was the same one that had attacked you years ago. You knew this, because it also had a scarred eye. It had clawed your eye, and one had cut it's eye. The only difference was that you knew it was blind in that eye because you had cut the actual eye. It snarled at you. You where scared, too scared to move or fight. It attacked you and you screamed. You tried to run and hold it off, but you felt it's claws in your leg. You screamed in pain and fell. You pulled out your dagger and swung at it. You missed it leaped at you and you felt it's fangs dig into your side. You screamed. You quickly stabbed it's leg and it yelped in pain and backed off. You collapsed, unable to fight anymore. You were losing blood and getting dizzy. It limped over to you and you looked at it. It stood over you. 

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