Lessons in Love (Mikey x Reader)

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(WARNING! Mature content ahead! Don't start video yet!)

You walked into the lair. You looked around. You saw Raph walk out of the kitchen with a soda in his hand. You smiled and walked over.

"Hey Raph! Where is everybody?" You asked. He took a few gulps of his drink and then he said,

"Donnie is in his lab, Leo is training with Splinter and Mikey....Mikey is busy." He said.

"Busy? Yesterday he texted me saying he wished I could come over because he was bored out of his shell." You said. Raph looked slightly uncomfortable with this conversation.

"Listen, he doesn't wanna be bothered right now. Just leave him alone for today okay? If you see him, stay away from him alright?" Raph said. You were surprised, but you nodded. "Good. Now if you're looking for someone else to bother you should probably go to Leo. You need some more training anyway." Raph said before he walked past you and sat down on the couch to begin channel surfing. You were pretty confused as to why he was so against you seeing Mikey. If he was having trouble you could help him! Still, you went to the dojo since Raph hadn't mentioned where Mikey was.

As you walked in you spotted Leo and Splinter training. They spotted you and paused. You waved with a smile.

"Hey Leo! Hello Master Splinter." You greeted.

"Hey (Y/n)!" Leo said with a smile.

"Greetings (Y/n)." Splinter said with a nod and a smile.

"Raph said that if I wanted something to do I could train with you guys!" You said. "But...do you know why he told me to stay away from Mikey?" You asked. Splinter looked confused, but Leo instantly looked alarmed.

"Strange. I didn't notice anything wrong with Michelangelo." Splinter said. "Perhaps I should have a word with him." 

"N-no! I-it's not that important Sensei! H-he's just...tired! Yeah, he's been staying up late watching his shows on his phone again." Leo said quickly. You and Splinter both looked at each other, confused.

"Okay....?" You said. He knew that the spotlight was still on him. He changed the subject.

"S-so, you wanna spar (Y/n)? I-it could help us see where you are in your fighting abilities." He said. You and Splinter both looked at each other. Splinter gave you a tiny nod and you understood.

"I think you have trained enough for today, my son. I will train with (Y/n)." Splinter said.

"Yeah Leo. You never take the time to relax. You should take a break." You agreed, going along with Splinter's plan. He looked confused.

"But I'm not even tired." He objected. 

"Leonardo, I understand you feel like you could do more, but (Y/n) is right. You should relax for a bit." Splinter said. Leo nodded.

"Hai Sensei. See ya later (Y/n)." Leo said and left. You turned to Splinter.

"So what now?"

"You must check on Michelangelo. I have a feeling that there is something his brothers are not telling me. If something is wrong, I do not have to know what it is, but you should be there to help him. He may need a friend to help him rather than his brothers who seem to be avoiding him."

"But how am I gonna get to him if the guys see me looking for him?" You asked. Splinter grinned.

"You training today is speed and stealth. See this as a test. Now go." He said. You smiled and nodded. Your stealth was actually your strong suit. 

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