Lavender Nights (Donnie x Reader)

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(WARNING! Mature content ahead! Listen to music while reading. If you can, put the video on loop so that way it keeps playing. If you can't, wait until it says play video.)

You were getting everything ready for tonight. Donnie was coming over. You strung up some purple light and put candles around the large living room. Your parents were kind of loaded. Your mother was a doctor and then your father ran his own company. They were both very nice people though. They didn't flash their money around, they used it wisely, kindly, and for you. They didn't spoil you, but they made sure to give you good things and a good life with it. Since they were such caring people, they had agreed to spend 3 nights at a hotel to give you some time to yourself. Of course, they hadn't known you weren't going to be alone. 

Once you were done you hurried to the bedroom. You slipped on the dress you'd gotten not long ago and you put your hair up in a fancy bun. 

You were ready

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You were ready. You admired yourself in the mirror for a moment before hurrying back down stairs. When you got there you started the music. It was slower and it had no words. It set the mood perfectly.

Soon you heard tapping on the balcony window. You smiled you went over and open it up.

"Hey Don." You greeted sweetly.

"Hey (Y/n). Wow, you look amazing." He said. You giggled.

"Thanks." You said. You let him in and you both had dinner. Then you both danced in the living room together. Donnie was actually a good dancer. You both had a blast together. Soon the song ended and another played. Donnie had ended the last one with you in a dip. You both looked at each other. You both had the same idea. You made the first move. (Play video now. Listen while reading.)

"Aren't you gonna kiss me baby?" You asked. He grinned. He pulled you in and you both kissed. It quickly turned heated. He shoved his tongue into your mouth and you moaned into the kiss. Your hands gripped his shoulders. You felt him grab your ass. You wrapped you legs around his waist as he picked you up. He dropped you on the couch. 

"You've been teasing me all night with that short dress, but I knew it was only a matter of time. I guess I can forgive you...on one condition." You grinned.

"What's that Donnie?" You asked.

"By slipping those off." He growled lustfully. You grinned and quickly took off your purple panties. He grinned. "Good girl~" He kissed you again. His licked and sucked on your tongue, making you moan into the kiss. While you were distracted, he slipped his hand under your dress. He played with your folds making you moan even more. You were getting wetter by the second. Donnie knew it. He could feel it. He kept rubbing the inside of your thighs. You kept moaning into the kiss. Then he pulled away from the kiss, leaving you panting. He grinned.

"Can you feel it dove~?" You moaned again as he played with your wetness.

"Oh D-Donnie~" You moaned out. 

"Ya like that?" He asked. He rubbed you again, pushing a little harder.

"Ah~!" You moaned loudly as the pleasure sparked through your body. It was too much and not enough at the same time. 

"Tell me how much you want it doll~" He purred, pushing the tip of his finger into you, but only that.

"D-Donnie~! S-stop teasing~!" He said.

"What's that? I didn't hear you~" He growled with a wolf like grin.

"P-please Donnie~! I-I need to feel you~!" You cried out.

"Whatever the lady wants~" He purred. He slipped his finger into you and you gasped. He began to pump his finger in and out of you. You moaned louder, getting even wetter.

"D-Donnie~! Ah~!" He chuckled.

"You look so sexy like this~" He whispered. You could only moan in reply. You felt a fire in your body.

"D-Donnie~! I-I'm g-gonna-ah~!" You moaned out. He pulled his hand away. You looked at him.

"No cumming. Not yet~" He said. He pulled the dress off you and grinned to see you weren't wearing a bra. He took the bun out and your hair fell down, framing you face and making you look even more sexy to him. "You're so fucking gorgeous~" He said, practically worshiping your body. He sucked on your plump breasts and you moaned out. He tongue ran along them, sending shivers of anticipation down your spine. You felt heat in the pit of your stomach and in your lower region. Then Donnie stopped you looked at. "I almost forgot." He said. He took off his gear and his mask. You blushed. He chuckled. "Like it?" He asked. You smiled a little and nodded. He grinned. "Good, cause it's all yours baby doll~" He purred. He went to your neck and left bright red hickey's there before kissing you again. Suddenly he pulled away. "Shit, I can't wait any longer~" He growled. His monster cock stuck out of his shell and he lined himself up. "Ready darling?" He asked.

"As I'll ever be~" You purred. He grinned. He shoved his length all the way into you. You cried and in pain and pleasure. Your nails dug into his broad shoulders. A loud 'Donatello' bounced off the walls. He let you adjust and then he began to move. You moaned louder than ever. He groaned in pleasure. 

"A-ah~ F-fuck you're tight~" He said. He smiled a little. He kept going and soon enough he said, "T-that's it~ I-I can't take it anymore~" He went faster and you cried out.

"D-Donnie~!! A-ah~!!" You cried out. He grabbed you and pulled you into his lap. You cried out as he went in deeper. His cock was buried inside of you and you loved it. He kept thrusting as you rode him. He grabbed onto your hips and helped you. You were both moaning messes. You moaned each others names along with strings of swears.

"F-fuck babe~!! I-I'm gonna cum~!!" He yelled. Your arms wrapped around his neck and you pulled him in for a messy kiss. He kissed back and then he pulled away, burying his face into your neck. The fire in your body was growing fast. You couldn't take it any longer. 

"DONATELLO~!!!!!" You screamed as you came. He kept going holding your body tighter. His thrusts became faster and sloppy as he reached his climax. He shoved himself balls deep into you and screamed out, throwing his head back in ecstasy.

"(Y/N)~!!!!!" You both stayed like that, breathing hard. His cum dripped out of you and onto the couch. You tiredly pulled him and and gave him a soft kiss. He kissed back, slowly pulling out of you. When the kiss broke you fell backward as he fell forward. You collapsed backward onto the couch and he collapsed on top of you, his head resting on your chest. "I love you..." He breathed before falling asleep. You smiled sleepily. You kissed his forehead and pet his head gently for a little bit. 

"I love you too, my perfect turtle." You said. You held him loosely before, laying your head back on the pillow that was there. "I love you too...." You breathed before falling into a long deep sleep with your exhausted boyfriend laying on top of your soft body. You both slept together that night, having sweets dreams of each other. What a perfect night.

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