Not Alone (Mikey x Reader)

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You sighed, bored. Donnie had called the guys into his lab for something important and you, not being a part of the mutant team, of course were told to wait or do something in the meantime. You suddenly had a great idea. You'd seen Raph's pet turtle, Spike, close by not too long ago. You thought it was weird he had a pet turtle since, well, he IS one, but you didn't dare question him about it. Spike was his best friend after all. You understood pet love. But that didn't mean you didn't LOVE messing with Raph. 

Raph would always be the one to snap at or insult you. You were the one to prank him and see if you could make him explode before he attempted to beat you until you turned as green as him. Plus when the word 'attempted' is used, it's VERY true. You were surprisingly strong and since you trained with Splinter often enough, you were actually almost their skill level. But anyway, back to your devilish plan. 

You called for Spike, making sure not to yell to loud or you'd alert his trigger tempered owner. The little green guy appeared, chewing on a leaf like always. You smiled.

"Hi Spike! Can you be a pal please? Raph stole my piece of pizza and blamed it on Mikey. Can you hide out in Mikey's room with me?" You asked. The little guy seemed to smile and nod at you. You grinned. "You really are the best pet ever." You said. You picked him up gently and hurried to Mikey's room. Mikey said you could go in there if you ever needed too, so now was that time when you took him up on his offer. 

You cared deeply for the orange masked turtle. He was always so nice to you and he was fun to be around. You had a similar personality to his, only you also had a little demon running around inside of you. You walked in and shut the door. Mikey's room was messy, like always. You decided to clean up some of his things. Other things of his you wouldn't touch because it was weird to you. It was looking better after that. You smiled, proud that you had at least mostly cleaned it up. After that you yawned and laid down on his bed. Spike came over and curled up next to you (as much as a pet turtle could anyway). You smiled and fell asleep. You woke up to an enraged yell. 

"MIKEY!!!" You knew that voice all to well. Spike woke up too and you told him to stay there as you hurried to see what was going on. Raph was chasing Mikey looking completely ticked. Raph grabbed his arm and Mikey yelped.

"Let go of me Raph! I didn't do anything!" He said.

"Then where's Spike?!" Raph growled. You quickly stepped in since you were either brave or stupid enough to face Raph when he was angry. Plus he was mad at Mikey when you had done it so yeah. You kinda had to help Mikey here. You went up behind him and grabbed Raph's arm. He turned surprised, but it quickly turned to pain as you twisted his arm back behind him, your nails digging into his skin.

"Let Mikey go Raph." You growled. He quickly obeyed and you released him. Mikey sighed in relief.

"Thanks (Y/n)." He said. Raph glared at him.

"Mikey!" He yelled. Before he could do anything you grabbed his arm again, swept your leg under his, knocking him off his feet, and quickly twisted his arm making him do back flip in you grip, before smashing him into the ground almost face first. He'd used his other arm to stop his head from getting hurt. He looked up at you in shock. He'd obviously never seen a move like that before. You still had him pinned to the ground so he was pretty defenseless right now.

"Calm the hell down Raph. I hid Spike. Now wait here calmly before I break your arm and then make you wait!" You said, your eyes blazing. You were fierce as all get out when you wanted to be. He swallowed and nodded. You let go and left him there, stunned out of his shell. You got Spike and gave him back to Raph. Raph took him and quickly went to his room with his pet. Mikey was staring at you shocked.

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