Criminal Heart (Mikey x Robber!Reader)

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You were walking around with a big black backpack on. That's where you carried your weapons. Anything from knifes to pistols. You also carried your food and money in it. Usually your portable food was healthy and small like an apple or a sandwich. You'd buy whatever meal you liked when you got the chance when you were on the road though. Pit-stops at fast food places or candy stores or even restaurants. Today you were scoping out the biggest bank in New York. You grinned. Something like this would be easy as pie for you. You were one of the most wanted people in the United States, but nobody had ever caught you on camera. You were a master hacker and a master at stealth. You could also fight amazingly well.

As you looked around, you bumped into a boy. He was carry different sport equipment and he had black hair with brown eyes. 

"Oh, sorry. I wasn't paying attention." He said.

"Heh, clearly." You said with a smirk. He smiled, showing his mouth full of missing teeth.

"Name's Casey Jones." He said.

"Hmm. You can call me Night Rider." You said. You called yourself that because you couldn't tell people your real name.

"Night Rider? Huh...I feel like I've heard that before." He said.

"Probably on some movie or something." You said. He nodded.

"Yeah, probably. Can I just call you Night?" He asked. You grinned with an amused chuckle.

"Sure, Jones. I'll see ya around." You said and walked off.

"Later Night!" He called. You grinned. 

"You'll hear about me later on the news, Jones." You chuckled to yourself.

*6 hours later* 

You carefully climbed the building with your climbing claws. Once on the roof you used your phone to hack into the security and power it off. You then cut a hole in a roof window and used your rope to lower yourself down. You crept along to the biggest safe. Once again using your phone to hack the safe combination. You walked in and easily bagged 5,000 dollars. You used orange spray paint and made a crescent moon with some stars. Then you went back out to the hole and climbed back up the rope. Suddenly the alarms went off. You were shocked. You quickly climbed up the rope and got out of there. You watched a few roofs away as police showed up and scanned the place. News reporters were there minutes later. You grinned.

"They never catch me." You chuckled. You left with a confident smirk on your face. Suddenly, you were stopped by the last thing you would've expected. It was a mutant turtle in an orange mask.

"Where do you think you're going with that stolen money?" He said. You instantly pulled a large dagger out.

"Back off. I work hard to get my cash. It's not my fault nobody ever thought I was a good person to hire because of my background." You said.

"Your background of robbing places?" He said, glaring at you. You attacked him faster than lighting. You pinned him against the wall.

"You know nothing about me." You said. He kicked you backwards. You both fought each other fiercely. He knocked the dagger away.

"Ha! Nothing left to fight with now huh?" He said. You grinned.

"A thief is prepared for everything." You said and pulled out a pistol. He froze in terror. You aimed it at his head. His eyes were wide. He dropped to his knees, covering his head in terror.

"NO! PLEASE!" He cried out. You remembered something when he said that. You put the gun down.

"I'm no murderer." You said. He looked up at you, clearly shocked. You looked him straight in the eyes for a moment before racing off. 

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