Left Behind (Leo x Mutant Wolf!Reader)

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You were still roaming the city, slightly out of your mind. That mutagen.....it was different. You had no idea how it was possible, but you had become like Karai. Only you were a wolf. You had long black shaggy fur and a huge puffy tail. You teeth were big and sharp. You stood 6 ft tall in your wolf form. You could still change between wolf and human, sort of anyway. When you changed some things would carry over. You still hand your fangs, your ears, and tail. Your eye changed when you were in wolf form too.

(Like that only the whole eye is blue and green and it's in your wolf form

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(Like that only the whole eye is blue and green and it's in your wolf form. Also this is not my art.)

You didn't know why they did that, but you assumed it was just part of the mutation. You were up on a rooftop right now. You legs were very powerful so it wasn't too hard to get onto normal sized building roofs. Suddenly everything started going crazy! Kraang crazy! They were coming from everywhere and you were shocked as they began mutating people into Kraang like people. You whimpered and ran to hide. You knew you could take on a small patrol, but not this many! They were everywhere! In the insanity you had run through streets out in front of humans. That was your mistake. You were suddenly knocked out.

When you woke up, you'd gone mad wolf. You had no control. You only felt fear and anger.

Leo's POV

I was fighting Rahzar, Tiger Claw, and Fish Face. I had no weapons and I was getting tired. Suddenly I heard something behind me. I spotted Shredder and I had no time to react. Before I was about to be hit, Shredder stopped and laughed. I quickly got away from him. The others went back to him. I was confused at first. Then he spoke,

"I'm not going to have this end just yet. I think it's time you face my newest servant." He said. Suddenly more foot-bots came and they were holding ropes with a mutant struggling to get free from them. They also had tasers so the mutant couldn't snap at them. I was shocked as I saw who it was.

"(Y/n)!" I exclaimed.

"She was running around like a lost child in the city. Tiger Claw captured her and now we believe she has lost her mind. That means she is perfect for defeating you." The ropes came off and they all cleared the area. (Y/n) snapped at the retreating foot bots. Then she spotted me. She growled at me her fur spiked. I backed away. I couldn't fight her!

"(Y/n)! It's me! It's me Leo! Come on I know you're there! You've gotta remember!" I said. She charged me, fangs bared and claws out. I dodged and she turned toward me still growling. She was bigger, stronger, and faster than me. I had nothing to defend myself with. I had to make her remember. She kept attacking me. Trying to bite and claw me. Her jaws could easily take my arm off. Suddenly she pinned me. I stared at her in fear. I felt grief. Her mutation had been my fault after all. Maybe she was in her right mind, she was just angry at me. "I'm sorry." I said. The growling got slightly quieter. "I know it was my fault. I didn't mean for this to happen to you. I get it if you don't want to have anything to do with me anymore, but Shredder is not giving you what you actually want. I know you're there (Y/n). Please, remember." I said. The growling stopped and she lifted a paw. I closed my eyes, waiting for her to strike. But it never came.

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