Nie zakochujmy się by prekursor_mizyo
Nie zakochujmy sięby prekursor_mizyo
Historia o miłości i zagubieniu w klimacie radosnej dystopii. Opowiadanie napisane na szybko, tak naprawdę najpierw powstał tytuł, a potem do tego treść. Źródło okładk...
  • lovestory
  • dystopian
  • emotional
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 Chemistry | j.d.b by al2ssa
Chemistry | j.d.bby Alessa
Melissa Herrera no longer believes in love and is isolating herself from boys because of what happened in her past. While Alex Cruz, a south- sider, is tempted to chang...
  • badboyxgoodgirl
  • gangbangers
  • fanfiction
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Pretty When You Cry by candleinthewindd
Pretty When You Cryby Mik
Aliya Preston is boring. Never skipped a class, never been to a party, never even kissed a boy. She likes her "dull" life. Her parents had moved her to a small...
  • romance
  • teenromance
  • teen
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The Story of my Life by viktoriaszombathelyi
The Story of my Lifeby viktoriaszombathelyi
Short story... based on reality♥
  • real
  • thestoryofmylife
  • romance
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Return Love(အခ်စ္တို႔ျပန္ေပးပါ) by Phyumyintmyat
Return Love(အခ်စ္တို႔ျပန္ေပးပါ)by Phyumyintmyat
  • loveatfirstsight
  • lovestory
Impossible | Zion Kuwonu by juliaisreadingrn
Impossible | Zion Kuwonuby juliaisreadingrn
Eden isn't considered "hot" or popular at school. She has a major crush on Zion Kuwonu but she's never talked to him and never planning on to. One day, their w...
  • fanfiction
  • prettymuch
  • zionkuwonu
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A Different Dimension by SexyNeko12
A Different Dimensionby Jasmine B
What if you woke up in your favorite anime? What would be the 6 things you would do? The Popular Four have been sent to their most favorite anime and now they have to ge...
  • boys
  • naruto
  • jealousy
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A scared teenager ( Stiles Stilinski x reader ) by kit-kat45637
A scared teenager ( Stiles Stdyia, Aris, Minho love
" Hi I'm Stiles I guess we're partners for this class " Stiles says to me. " I-I-I g-g-guess " I stutter. " You okay? " He asks. I nod. I...
  • weird
  • isaac
  • stiles
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Elf Realm Online by Tokaku_
Elf Realm Onlineby Tokaku_
This is a love story I wrote back in 2016... I thought maybe you guys should hear this sorry I made as well, so enjoy. ❤️ Also sorry if there is some errors or bugs, I'm...
  • love
  • lovestory
  • anime
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Default Title - Write Your Own by ashleyiscoooll
Default Title - Write Your Ownby ashleyiscoooll
  • badboy
  • hisbestfriend
  • lovestory
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colourless heart  by mrs_iris
colourless heart by mrs_iris
Depression ain't beautiful .. heartbroken in not a word used for attention
  • lovestory
  • poem
  • newwriter
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Music is love, music is life by rocklover111
Music is love, music is lifeby kurtcobainlover1
Sono emily johannessen ho 17 anni e sono un americana con origini norvegesi, mi sono dovuta trasferire inamerica, per la precisione cleveland, per lavoro di mia madre (f...
  • teenager
  • music
  • cuore
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You & Me {Nemi}  by CountryLove11
You & Me {Nemi} by Victoria Ann
Nick and Demi have been married for almost a year now. This is their journey together of how love conquers all.
  • disney
  • demilovato
  • nick
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 I Fell In Love With A Fairy by Alexia_PinkLove19
I Fell In Love With A Fairyby Alexia Johany Huachara Minaya
My name is Leonardo West, I am 17 years old. and whoever said that one day at school, I went to see a girl who bothered her. "Leave it, Prince!" I demanded Pri...
  • mate
  • celos
  • lovestory
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 LOVE  by pistaicecream
LOVE by sweety
Dr.Cecelia youngston is a fun loving women in her 20's .she Is very much passionate about being a doctor, it is what she loves the most about her life .Her journey thr...
  • hospital
  • lovestory
  • romantic
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🌙  Aesthetic Love 🌙( SLOW UPDATES) by itzjust_nieya
🌙 Aesthetic Love 🌙( SLOW I_Enjoy_Being_Sarcastic
" I love the thought of Aesthetic Love and I think that's what we've become," Natalie says smiling at her new boyfriend Daniel" Hey, everybody, I suck a...
  • beautifullove
  • aesthetic
  • lovestory
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A wanderers love by tipsy713
A wanderers loveby Fuck the World
This is my first story
  • smutwarning
  • fluffandsmut
  • celebrity
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U N K N O W by HannisTraum
U N K N O Wby 🌛Hanni🌜
  • jungkook
  • lovestory
  • fanfiction
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The Diary of She by kiya_1212
The Diary of Sheby AKIYA HUNTER
young girls tells their day to day story in diary form.....
  • comedy
  • happiness
  • hope
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ParkJimin:Future Husband by user56309630
ParkJimin:Future Husbandby
Featuring Jiminie,A mystery girl and a few characters!
  • lovestory