.....Oops..... (Donnie x Mutant!Reader)

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You were angry as all hell at Donnie right now. He'd asked if he could take your blood sample for something, but he'd forgotten to clean the needle and now you were half human and half winged wolf creature! (Yes I just did that XD) When the others had seen you they laughed their heads off. Their amusement hadn't lasted long since you had new super human powers. You were behind them in the blink of an eye, your body a blur from running so fast. You ducked down, spread your wings, and knocked all three of them off there feat. They were very shocked by that.

You were sitting in the main living area reading one of your books. The boys never questioned what you liked because if they did you'd bring up what they liked. For Leo it was Space Heros, for Mikey it was his collection of human underwear, for Raph it was talking to his pet turtle, and for Donnie....it was April. You hated that he was head over heels for her when she obviously wasn't into him. You gave him an A+ for effort, but it never worked. Suddenly Raph came up behind you. 

"Hey feathers! Still grumpy about Donnie turning you into a furry?" He teased. You were in no mood to deal with his mockery. The reason he called you a furry was because you still looked mostly human surprisingly. You were relatively the same other than having a wolf tail, wolf fangs, wolf ears on the top of your head which had replaced your other ears, and white feathered wings. Whenever you got angry your eyes would turn red and your pupils would become narrow slits. This was one of those times. Your hand shot backward an punched him in the face. He fell backward from the force of it. You were extremely strong now. You turned and glared down at him. You hissed at him and smacked him in the face with your tail before leaving without saying a word.

You walked into another room and sighed. You spotted Splinter there looking at the picture of him and his family when he was still human. He looked over at you.

"Ah, (Y/n). What brings you here?" He asked. You growled angrily.

"Raph does! He wont stop calling me names because I'm like this!" You said. He nodded.

"I see." Splinter said. "Why do you let him anger you?" 

"It makes me mad because he's a mutant and when I become half of one he laughs like I'm the weirdest creature on Earth!" You said. Splinter put a hand on your shoulder.

"Do you think any differently of yourself?" He asked. 

"No. I know who I am and I know I have a purpose." You said.

"Then that is all that matters. What Raphael thinks of you now shouldn't get to you because you know what he says isn't true. You may look different, but you are the same person." He said. You smiled and nodded. "Besides, from what I saw earlier he can't laugh for long. He'll be on the ground before he can say another word." Splinter said with an amused smile. You chuckled.

"Thanks Splinter." You said.

"No need for it. Now go and do what you wish." He said. You said bye and left. Splinter was always the best person to talk to. He knew so much that it seemed he could tell you the answer to anything.

You spotted Donnie and when he spotted you he quickly looked the other way, clearly guilty. You didn't even want to talk to him. You went into the kitchen to get a snack. You heard someone go 'ehem' behind you. You turned and spotted the purple masked turtle. You rolled your eyes and went back to grabbing a soda. His hopeful and slightly nervous smile turned into a sad frown.

"L-look I didn't mean to-" You didn't let him finish. You slammed your hand against the wall cutting off his exit. He looked nervous.

"No. You weren't thinking is what happened. Why did you need me anyway?" You growled.

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