*Request* My Heart Roars (Leo x Mutant Lion!Reader)

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You ran through the sewers. Shots fired behind you. You used your ears to locate them and then dodge them.

"Kraang, Kraang must not let the one known as (Y/n) escape." You glared back and them and kept running. I gotta get out of here! I can't go fast enough on just two legs. You thought. You switched to running on all fours and pelted onward, your golden coat a blur from running so fast. You glanced back. You were losing them. You grinned. Suddenly you heard something ahead of you. You looked forward and gasped. SUBWAY CAR! You slide to stop and you heard it's breaks squeal as it did too. It was only a foot away from you. It had lifted tires and it and a battery ram on the front. You were confused, but the Kraang were still on your tail. You looked back as they rounded the corner. Crap! You bolted onward. The subway door opened as you were running past and you shrieked as you were grabbed and pulled into the strange vehicle. 

"We got her!" Someone shouted.

"Ram those tin cans Leo!" Another more tough sounding voice said. The vehicle lunged forward and you heard the smacks and bangs of the Kraang being flattened. Then the vehicle stopped. Your paws were over your eyes as you laid on the floor in a furry shaking heap.

"Everyone alright?" You heard a third mature sounding voice say.

"We're good." A fourth more nerdy sounding voice replied.

"Now what about her?" The tough one asked.

"Give her some space. She's still pretty shell shocked." The mature one said. 

"Aw! She's like a giant little kitty!" You felt a hand on your back.

"HANDS OFF!" You shouted.

"AH!!" They yelped, snatching their hand away. You were stunned to see four mutant turtles. 

"Hey, calm down. We're not going to hurt you." The blue one said. You calmed down. "I'm Leo." He said holding out his hand. You were hesitant, but you lifted your paw and he helped you up. 

"Are you okay?" The purple one asked.

"I think so." You said. Then you felt pain in the back of your shoulder. You gasped.

"What!?" He asked.

"My shoulder..." You hissed in pain. He looked at it through your torn shirt.

"She got hit! We've gotta get her back to the lair!" He said.

"Right! Let's go!" Leo said. They all got into their own chairs and the purple turtle told you to lay back down and stay still. You obeyed as they drove back to their home. They helped you into his lab and he began to treat your wound.

"I'm Donnie by the way." He said. You nodded.

"I'm Mikey!" The orange told you happily.

"Raph." The red stated.

"Thank you for helping me." You said.

"Don't mention it. It's what we do." Donnie said with a smile. Once he'd patched you up, you asked if they anything you could wear. Your skirt and t-shirt were badly torn in many places. 

"We don't, but April might." Leo said.

"I'll call her." Donnie said. You nodded.

"Here. You can rest on the couch." Leo said. You followed him out with Mikey and Raph. Donnie stayed in his lab while talking to April. You laid down on your back on the couch. You flinched a bit as you did. The wound stung, but you could've been through worse.

"So, what's your name?" Leo asked. You sighed.

"My name's (Y/n). I used to live in the zoo until the Kraang came and bought me for experiments. After I was mutated, I escaped to the sewers, but you saw how well that worked out. At least they were nice enough to give me something to cover up my body." You said. He nodded.

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