A New Adventure (Father!Donnie x Mother!Reader)

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(All characters are of age in this story.)

You sat in the living room, resting. 4 months ago you'd found out that you were having kids. You were honestly a little too excited for your kids to come. You were having triplets. Two girls and one boy. You had thought of names for them already. You had been a little too eager to name them, but Donnie had thought it was cute. He'd said that he wasn't good at coming up with names and Mikey had begged to name the boy, but you didn't think he'd be good at naming people. You were going to name them. You had Dash, Donna, and Delilah. You'd actually named one Donna because you wanted to make Donnie happy. He'd almost cried at the kind gesture. You sighed as you relaxed. Still got months to go. When you want it to go fast it goes slow. But when you want it to go slow...that moment is already over. 

*14 years later* 

"Delilah! Can you come here?" You called. She hurried into the kitchen.

"Yeah Mom?" She asked.

"Can you help me with dinner? We're having a big one tonight. All of your uncles, aunts, and cousins are coming over along with your grandfather and April and Casey." You said. She nodded.

"I'll go get some back up!" She said. She ran out to get her sisters and brother. "LILLY! ROSE! DONNA! DASH! MOM NEEDS US TO HELP WITH DINNER!" You heard her shout. You'd had another batch of kids 2 years after the triplets. The twins, Lilly and Rose, were identical twins. The only way you could tell them apart was Rose had Donnie's brown-ish red eyes and Lilly had bright teal-ish blue eyes. They both had light brown long hair and had their fathers adorable gap toothed smile. Dash had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Donna had (e/c) eyes and (h/c) hair. Delilah had lime greens eyes and blond hair.

You all worked together for hours. You finished with moments to spare. Soon enough you heard Lilly shouted.

"UNCLE RED AND AUNT PINK ARE HERE!" You smiled. Raph and Stephanie with their kids. I've never seen half human and half winged wolf hybrids before he met her. She has beautiful green eyes and long, brown, wavy, thick hair. I've seen some great hair, but hers takes the cake! Also, she's a freaking BEAST! Talk about perfect for Raphael. And her grey fur is very pretty. You thought. You walked out and you saw Donnie come out of his lab. You all had your own homes in the sewers now. The boys were still a team, but raising your own families together might be a bit hard. 

You saw their kids run in and your own happily greeted them Dash was being hugged by Arrow, their eldest son. Arrow looked mostly human, just like Stephanie. He had a black furry wolf tail, black wolf ears, fangs, white feathered wings, black hair, and dark blue eyes. Other than that he looked like a normal human just like the rest of his family.

Valentine and Cherry were talking to Lilly and Rose. Val and Cherry were 15 years old. Lilly and Rose were 12. Still, they loved hanging out because of what they called 'DOUBLE TWIN POWER!' Valentine had hair like her mother and eyes like her mother. Cherry on the other hand had red hair with blue eyes. Still her hair was like her mothers only bright beautiful red instead of brown. One thing was for sure, you couldn't lose her in a crowd with her natural hair color being that. Cherry was proud of her beautiful hair. Cherry had white fur and Valentine had light pink fur.

Lastly, Drake and Sparrow were talking to Donna and Delilah. Sparrow had white hair with one orange eye and one blue eye. She had black fur with orange patches. All of Stephanie's daughters had adopted her amazing hair, even if they wee different colored. They had their own styles though. Sparrow wore pig tails, Val and Cherry kept theirs down with nothing in it. Drake had brown fur and green eyes like his father.

For their ages it went like this; Arrow was 16. Val and Cherry were 15. Sparrow and Drake were 10.  

"Hey Steph! Hey Raph!" You greeted.

"(Y/n)! Still looking great my friend." She replied with a wink. You chuckled. Stephanie was a smooth talker at times, but she had a huge heart and would do anything for her friends and family. Raph and Donnie hugged each other, making you smile. Stephanie smiled too. Then you both heard Dash cheering. You looked over and saw Arrow flying with him on his back. You chuckled. Stephanie sighed.

"Arrow! Be careful!" She warned with an amuse smile.

"You underestimate me Mom." He replied. She rolled her eyes.

"I've heard that one before. Last time those words came out was when I was still a teenager and living with my mother." She whispered to you. You laughed. 

"He takes after you then." You replied. She chuckled and nodded. Then Drake said,

"I've got ears on the blue family." You smiled. Leo and Amy. Amy was 16 when she'd been mutated. The Kraang had tried to replicate one of the turtles, and they'd done just that. We'd found her locked up one time and Leo had saved her. Ever since then they've fallen into one of the deepest relationships I've ever seen. Stephanie and Raph are just as deep as them too. Leo and Amy came in and their twins, Josh and Jane, ran in too. Josh looked a lot like Leo. The only difference was that he wore a black mask and one of his eyes was a lighter shade of blue. Jane looked more like her mother. She wore a pink mask that had a braided tail and her eyes were golden to everyone's surprise. Amy wore a light blue mask that was braided and her skin was a lighter shade of green. Her eyes were brown.

"Hey Leo!" Stephanie said. "And Amy still rocking the braid." She chuckled.

"Stephanie you're always the one to compliment." She said.

"Because I'm always the one who knows exactly what to say. Who says you can't have a sixth sense?" She replied. Raph hugged her.

"I thought that would be being amazing." He teased.

"That's my seventh sense." She said. You all laughed. The kids played and hung out. Soon Splinter, April, and Casey arrived.

"Hello everyone." April said.

"It is nice to see you again my sons." Splinter said. They hugged him and you all smiled. "And my step daughters." He said. Stephanie quickly joined in. You and Amy stayed there with amused smiles. She glared at you two with a grin. 

"Hey! I'm not the only one! You two don't get out that easy!" She said. Before you could react she pulled you both into the hug. Stephanie had a wild personality. She was a very silly person, but she could get serious when she needed to. You smiled as you joined in on the hug. When it broke Splinter said,

"Michelangelo isn't here yet?"

"BOOYAKASHA!" You heard two voices shout.

"That would be his kids. WE SAID HIS NAME TOO MANY TIMES!" Stephanie said, jokingly giving a fake look of horror. You all laughed. Soon him and Jewel came in with Jack, Mason, Mark, and their little Molly. The triplets were all 11 and Molly was 5. After everyone was there and had said hello, the kids instantly started playing games. You smiled. 

You all enjoyed yourselves and had fun. At the end of the day when everyone else had left Donnie gave you a kiss.

"You're a great parent." He said. You smiled.

"Thanks Donnie."

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