Forced to be Someone Else (Raph x Reader)

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"You are weak, but not useless Lamia. The turtles act on their emotions. If you can get them to trust you, you will be rewarded with high amounts of honor. Fail, and you will have only proven that you truly are as good as garbage. Weaken them by breaking their hearts and minds. Make them suffer and then bring them to me. We will use them to get Hamato Yoshi to show his face. Only then will you be rewarded." You nodded to Shredder. He was the man to raise you. He'd found you in a basket, starving and crying. He raised you, but you weren't a very good fighter. You had instead mastered in trickery and deceit. Still, all you wanted was honor. But the more you grew the more you understood. Shredder....had the wrong type of honor. Still, you wanted any honor. You felt like nothing because of your failure to show him you were strong.

You headed out, searching for the turtles. Until tonight, Shredder had kept you home. He believed Karai was better suited for taking down the turtles. Now, Shredder believes you might be useful after all. You sighed. You sat down holding your weapon and looking at yourself in the blade.

 You sat down holding your weapon and looking at yourself in the blade

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(Your weapon. It's called a haladie btw. You have two, one for each hand.)

"Who am I?" You asked yourself. You looked at the city far below you. You were on one of the taller buildings in New York. "Where do I belong here?" You asked. You felt worse by the day. Shredder had adopted you, but he was no longer a father to you. You were the younger sister. The weak one. The screw up. That's what they all called you. Years of hearing the same thing...tends to make someone believe it. You were breaking. You let tears fall as you started to sing.

(Okay, this is a girl I found and SHE IS GIFTED! I like this song cause I feel like it speaks to a lot of people including me. Please listen and then continue.)

You sat there, wishing you had a place that you felt like you belonged. You sighed. I don't know what to do anymore. You thought. Suddenly you were knocked over. You yelped in pain. When you opened your eyes, you saw a blade pointed at your throat.

"Another student of Shredder." You were stunned as you saw four turtles. The one in the blue mask had you pinned. the blue one Leonardo? I can never remember. You thought.

"We should get rid of her before she alerts anyone." One in a purple mask said.

"Agreed." The blue said.

"Wait, we're just gonna kill her!?" The orange said. 

"She's evil Mikey! You know the Foot can't be trusted." The blue replied. You were scared. You knew you'd die instantly if you even tried to fight. You watched as he raised his katana. You knew there was nothing you could do. You whimpered, closing your eyes as your tears rolled down the sides of your face. I have no place here, but I'm still afraid to die. I truly am a coward. You thought. You heard him swing the blade, but then...

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