One Random Letter (Leo x Reader)

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(WARNING! Violence and language ahead! There will be bold words when it starts and finishes if you wish to skip.)

Leo's POV

I was meditating in the dojo. I sighed. I couldn't focus and I didn't know why. I got up and decided to go on a solo patrol. I left the lair and hopped across roof tops and alleyways. I stopped and breathed in and out with a smile. It was quiet and the gentle breeze kept me cool. Suddenly, I heard something. I looked over and saw a dove. It has something in it's beak. It flew over to me and I was confused as it landed on my shoulder. It had a letter in it's beak. I took it and then it flew away. I looked at the letter. It wasn't addressed. It only had the return address. I looked at the return address. This is from another state!? I thought, shocked. I looked at the back. Nothing. I was confused. I took it home and went to my room. 

"Should I open it?" I wondered. I sighed. "I can't mail it back so I guess it's not a big deal." I said. I opened it and pulled out a piece of paper folded perfectly in threes to make it fit.

'Dear Reader,

Hello. I know you're probably confused, but I wanted to try this. You see, the bird that gave this to you is my pet dove, Pepper. It's only me and her in my house. You see, my grandmother once told me that a dove knows everything about love. If you give a dove a letter with love then it'll deliver that letter straight to your soulmate. I know this sounds crazy, but I have to know. If you want to get in touch with me, you have my dove. She'll be back tomorrow. She's going to give you some time to write. If she comes home with nothing, I'll understand. 

Sincerely, (Y/n).'

I was stunned. I get a random letter from a dove that's from a girl in a different state and it claims that I have a soulmate!? How crazy is that!? I'll tell you! VERY! But something told me...this was real. I didn't know what to do. I got a notebook and a pencil. I began to write. I knew that I was probably crazy, but I had the same feeling. I had to know more. When I finished and used the same envelope and used a piece of tape to keep the note inside. After that I went to bed. All I could do was wait for tomorrow.

Your POV

*3 days later*

You waited for Pepper to come home. You sighed. Maybe she'd just flown away and was never coming back. Then you heard her. She was coming from the forest. You smiled. She flew in through your window with a letter. You were shocked. Then you frowned. It was the same envelope. You took it and looked at it. Your eyes widened. There was tape on it! Someone had actually opened it! You tore it open and looked at the new note.

'Dear (Y/n),

I can't believe I'm crazy enough to be writing to a girl who used a dove to give her 'soulmate' a note. I guess, like you, I wanted to find out for myself. My name is Leo. I live in New York. I've never heard of this type of thing before. Using a dove? That's pretty new to me. But anyway, I as wondering if you really are real and that this isn't some prank. If you want to talk more, you know how to get to me. Pepper is very cute by the way. I fed her some fruit seeds before she left. 

Sincerely, Leo.'

You smiled. I have a soulmate! Yes! It worked! You smiled at Pepper as she ate her bird seed.

"Pepper you're amazing!" You praised. She cooed happily. You got to work writing another letter. You used a new envelope and sealed it when you were done. You set it on your desk and then you continued on with your day. You would tell Pepper to bring it tomorrow. She deserved a rest. New York was a long way to go.

Leo's POV

*2 days later*

I waited out on the the roof of a random building. I sighed. I knew I was crazy. I thought. Then I heard wings flapping. I turned and spotted Pepper. I was shocked. She landed on my shoulder and I smiled. I pet her and I hurried home with her flying after me. I went straight to my room and quickly opened the new letter. I pulled it out and read it.

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