*Request* Sing for Me? (Raph x Famous!Reader)

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(Play video when it says please.)

You had finished your recordings for the day. You recorded your songs and posted them on Youtube as official lyrics videos. You had a lot of followers and you actually made money off of your songs. You sighed and sat back in your chair. You thought of what to do next. You smiled as an idea popped into your head. You got up and grabbed your bag. You headed out and went to the lair. You couldn't wait to see Raph.

You headed down into the sewers and hurried to the lair. You heard yelling as you got closer. You were confused. You hurried there and you saw Raph was steaming up at Mikey and Leo.

"You always mess up my things Mikey! And you always defend him! You never see MY side! I always have to pay for your mistakes!" Raph yelled and then stormed off into his room.

"Great timing for me to get here." You muttered. You went to Raph's room and knocked.

"What!?" You heard him snap. You flinched.

"Raph, it's just me." You said. No answer. You walked in. "Raph?" You asked. He was laying on his bed facing the wall to avoid meeting your gaze. You closed the door and set your bag down. "You okay?" You asked.

"What do you think?" He grumbled. You sat down on the edge of his bed. You sang to him to calm him down. (DON'T PLAY VIDEO YET) Soon enough he sat up and sang along with you. You both loved doing this together. He loved your voice and, even if he didn't think so, his voice was amazing too. 

When your song ended he hugged you. You hugged back with a smile. You both stayed like that for awhile, enjoying the peaceful moment.

"Thank you." He said.

"I'll always be here for you Raphael." You said. "Always." He smiled at you.

"Good. Cause I wanna hear your amazing voice every night of my life." He said. You blushed as your foreheads gently pressed together.

"I know you would." You said. You kissed his cheek and he kissed yours. You soon stood up and said, "You wanna go grab a snack?" He smiled.

"Sure thing." He replied. You both walked out of his room and to the kitchen. You both had a snack and laughed together. You had actually been dating for about a month now. You and Raph were a great pair. Soon enough, he asked if you wanted to spar with him. You happily agreed. You went to his room to grab your weapons first and then you followed him to the dojo. 

Once you got there you both fought each other. You were getting pretty good at it. Raph smiled as he saw that you were improving. You both sparred for a long time before he finally won. You smiled up at him, panting.

"Nice job (Y/n)! You're definitely getting better!" He said. He helped you up and then you both went to watch TV together. 

After about another half hour, you had to head home. You packed up your weapons and slung the bag over your shoulder. You waved goodbye to him and he waved back. You then began your walk home. 

Later that night you were having dinner when you got a call from someone. You swallowed your food and picked up. You didn't know the number. You answered it to see who it was.

"Hello?" You asked.

"Is this Miss (L/n)?" A man asked.

"This is her." You replied.

"Fantastic! It's a pleasure to meet you Miss (L/n)!" He said.

"May I ask who this is?" You said.

"Oh, beg your pardon. My name is John Tracer. I'm a Music Producer. I have a record deal for you Miss (L/n)." He said. You nearly spit out your drink.

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