New Beginnings (Donnie x Reader)

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Donnie's POV

It was getting really close to Easter. (Y/n) had always said she loved it because it meant new beginnings. I liked her a lot so I wanted to show her that I wanted a new beginning with her. I hoped she wouldn't reject me. (Y/n) and her family were very different kind of people. They all knew about us and were basically like a second family to each of us. 

First, there was Carl. Carl was the 2nd youngest. He was 17 and he was a lot like Mikey. He loved to have fun and pull pranks, although he wasn't brain dead like Mikey was. 

After that was Jenna. Jenna was the oldest. She was 19 years old. She was a lot like Leo. She hung out around their mother a lot and she was like a roll model to all of her siblings. 

Next was Max. Max was the second oldest. He was rough and tumble like Raph, except he was grumpy all the time. He liked having fun and enjoyed the things we did. He was almost like a combination of Raph and Mikey. 

After that was Lilly. She was the youngest. She was only 14. She was very shy, but she was the most creative person ever once you got to know her. She had wild dreams and was a craftswoman at heart. And for her age, boy can that girl sing. 

And then there's (Y/n). The one and only girl like her. She's brilliant, talented, strong, fast, caring, and so so beautiful. I've never met a girl like her before. I thought I had with April, but no. She was perfect for me. I really hoped I could give her an amazing Easter. I had gotten her something she'd said she'd wanted for a long time, but they couldn't ever afford. I hoped it would make her day. I had been preparing myself too. I made sure I was in top shape for her. I made sure that all of my work was done so that way I had plenty of time to spend with her. It was gonna be our day. I wanted to make sure of it.

I was getting her basket ready with the little surprise when Leo came in.

"Hey Don. What are you doing? You've barely been out of here in days." He asked.

"Oh nothing super important." I lied. This was the most important thing in my LIFE. I had to make everything PERFECT!

" that a bunny?" He asked. I sighed.

"Yeah. I got it for (Y/n). She said she'd always wanted one when she was little so I used my watch to go to the surface and buy her a baby bunny. I saved up for it for MONTHS." I said. "I..I just hope she likes it." He smiled.

"You like her a lot don't you bro?" 

"Yes." I said, embarrassed.

"Don't worry Donnie. I know she'll love it. That's one heck of a gift for an Easter basket after all." He said. I smiled.

"Thanks Leo." I said. He left. I really hoped he was right.

*Easter Day*

I waited for her to come to the lair. I prayed this would go right. I had asked her if she wanted to have dinner with me and she'd said yes, much to my relief. I really didn't want to screw this up. Suddenly, she came in and she looked beautiful. 

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I blushed insanely

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I blushed insanely. They guys were staring at her too. She waved to them and then came over to me.

"Hey Donnie!" She said casually. I snapped out of my trance and smiled nervously.

"H-hi (Y/n)." I said. "U-um, here let's go to my lab." I said. She smiled and walked with me to the lab. I closed the doors and she looked stunned. I had set up a little table for us and I had gotten her favorite foods. I had planned out everything. I wanted to make it really nice for her. I locked the door so the others couldn't bother us or embarrass me. 

"Wow. You really did all this just for me?" She asked.

"Yep!" I said, hoping she liked it. She smiled.

"You're the sweetest Donnie." She said. I blushed, smiling like an idiot. We sat down and talked while we had dinner. It was one of the best moments of my life. After that I wanted to give her my gift. 

"Hey (Y/n)?" 


"I-I um...I have something for you." I said. I got up and grabbed the basket I had hidden under my desk. I gave it to her. A blanket was covering the basket so she had no idea what was in it. When she took it off her eyes lit up a million times brighter. 

"Oh my gosh! It's so cute! Did you really get her for me?" She asked. I nodded.

"I remembered how you said you'd always wanted a bunny so I-" I was cut off as she kissed me. I blushed insanely. She pulled away, blushing herself.

"Thank you." She said. I smiled.

"Hey, there's one other thing I wanted to tell you." I said.

"What's that?" She asked. I hugged her and said,

"I love you. Do you...wanna be my girlfriend?" I asked. She gave me a kiss on the cheek. 

"I would love that." She said. "Happy Easter, Donnie."

"Happy Easter, my love."

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