In My Blood (Raph x Insane!Reader)

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(Okay, there will be violence and slight language in this chapter and also if you are easily've been warned. Like it literally says, 'Insane!Reader' so yeah. Trust me it takes a turn for the better, but just saying this will be a weirder chapter.........You're still here? NOICE! Enjoy whoever stayed!)

You laughed at the sight before you. You had been cornered by some guys who'd thought you were hot and they'd instantly started hitting on you. They, of course, hadn't had the slightest idea about your mental state. You were known for lashing out and.....enjoying it. You couldn't remember the last time you'd been afraid or sad at the sight of blood. The boys were now beaten and unconscious. You giggled once again and skipped away. You always had some sort of weapon with you. This time, it'd been a bat. They hadn't seen it since it was kept in a chase that was strapped to your back. 

You suddenly heard something as you walked through another alley to get to your hidden home. Your home was behind doors painted like a brick wall. Nobody knew about it. It was a cozy little place, but it was perfect for you. You decided to act scared to draw whoever was there out. You became timid and turned around nervously.

"H-hello?" You asked, mentally laughing at the thought of another fight. Nothing happened. "W-who's there? I-I know you're there!" You said, still pretending to be scared.

"Aw, how cute. It's adorable when they pretend to be brave." A voice said. You turned and spotted a girl wearing armor. Her hair was black and you saw that she had some ninja soldiers behind her. 

"What do you want?" You asked, not pretending to be scared any longer. You were kind of trigger happy so you were ready to pull out your bat in a split second if you wanted to.

I saw what you did back there to those creeps. I have a proposition for you." She said. "My name's Karai." She introduced. You smiled creepily at her.

"(Y/n), and I hope you know who your talking to. Just a warning, I'm slightly trigger happy." You said. She chuckled.

"I can see that. My father would like a warrior like you fighting for him. I was curios if you'd like to join us." She said.

"What's in it for my friend?" You asked.

"A bloodbath could be arranged if you get the job done." She said. You grinned.

"I like where this is going." You said. "May I know more?" You asked.

"My father wants this person and his sons dead. I think that's your style on it's own." She said.

"Hmm.....I dunno~ Seems like too little blood for my liking." You said with a smirk.

"It's five bodies total." She said. You grinned.

"That's better," You began, but then you pulled out your bat. "But I think your bodies will be enough." You said with a grin. She frowned. Then her grin returned.

"Well then, I guess it can't be helped. Foot soldiers attack!" She said. The fight broke out and you laughed as you bashed one of her soldiers head. You could see some blood seeping through their outfit as they laid there on the ground. You looked back up at Karai and she looked stunned. She glared at you. You fought them, your grin never leaving your face. Suddenly you felt a blade cut your side. You grin disappeared as you turned and saw Karai had cut you. Your hands shook and you body was screaming at you to collapse, but you felt your adrenaline take over. You stopped shaking and you grinned at her.

"You just lit a bomb my friend." You said. You swung at her again and again. She dodged every time. Suddenly she cut you other side. You could hardly take it any longer. Suddenly four mutant turtles joined the fight. You got ready to swing at them, but then you saw that they were fighting the Foot as Karai called them. You were still shaking and you could only watch in shock as the fight took place. 

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