Gone (Raph x Reader)

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(This chapter takes place soon after the turtles return to New York after the Kraang invasion. Here's your pet for dis chapter! You even get to name her!)

 Here's your pet for dis chapter! You even get to name her!)

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3rd Person POV/Your POV (It kinda switches between the two.)

You hid in a random apartment building, your pet German Shepard/Husky mix dog named (P/n) hiding with you, whimpering softly. The Kraang were searching for humans again. You had avoided being captured for months now. You no longer knew where your best friends had gone. It was almost as if they had vanished into thin air. The day the Kraang had attacked, reality had punched you hard in the gut. You weren't safe. You never had been. You'd thought the team of ninja turtles were sure to win, but you'd been wrong. They were just gone. You'd hoped for them to come back, but as the days passed you slowly lost hope. You didn't even know if they were alive. For all you knew, the Kraang or Shredder had killed them and they were nothing but more bodies to add to the pile. Your little sister had been a victim of the Kraang about a month in. You'd tried to protect her, but the Kraang deemed her useless being only 7 years old and killed her right in front of you. They almost mutated you, but Slash and his team had saved you. 

Slash, previously known as Spike, was now leader of his own mutant team. He said he was relieved to see that you were alive and okay. Slash was Raph's pet turtle turned mutant, so he'd recognized you instantly. He'd said he was sorry for not being able to save your little sister, but you told him it wasn't his fault. You'd stayed with him and his team for a little while before going back to surviving on your own, along with your dog of course. You'd found (P/n) trapped in an abandoned pound. 

Ever since you'd saved her, she'd been by your side through everything. She was highly trained and a great companion. While it was hard to feed her sometimes, you both pulled through. She'd even fought off a small patrol of Kraang droids along side you. You had stolen a weapon from the Foot so you had a nice katana at had to fight with. You'd learned a thing or two from the turtles with weapons, that was for sure. 

Suddenly you heard someone trying to break down the door. The door burst open and you saw the Kraang. You screamed as they grabbed you and dragged you out of the building. (P/n) was put in a device that could shock her. It looked like a big scary leash and collar, but they didn't use it for walking dogs. You struggled and (P/n) was barking like crazy, trying to save you.

"Let me go you pink blobs!" You yelled. 

"Kraang will not do the thing that you have ordered Kraang to do. Kraang, begin mutation." One said to another. You froze in fear. Suddenly the one with the mutagen was cut in half. The one with (P/n) now had five ninja stars in the back of it's head. You were knocked out by one of the Kraang before the fight was over. All you remembered seeing before you passed out were four blurry green figures standing over you.

You woke up hours later in what smelled like a pizza place. 

"Is it really her? Last I checked she didn't have a pet, and where's her little sister? She'd never leave (S/n) alone when all this is going on." You heard someone say.

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